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Christianity part 2) Miracles

November 2, 2018


Now, I've heard many sermons over the years of healed sickness and miracles through God. However, these include ones that I've witnessed, that close friends have witnessed or that I know can't be coincidences.
Experiences that I've been told about:

> When my middle school co-ordinator explained to us that she fell asleep on the highway and manage to crash and land upright, safely, in the middle of a ditch. She remembers seeing the white strip of a guardrail flying over her car, but when a man came to her aid, he acknowledged there was no guardrail there. Nothing white. At all. As this happened, the moment she crashed, her husband, at his work, shot up and said: "Karen's just had a car accident."
"I heard a voice, someone just told me. She's had a car accident." 

Two of my friend's experiences, in her own words:
> "I witnessed someone being released from a demon. Long story short, she was depressed, possibly suicidal for a long time and hadn't been eating any food for days. When she was brought up on stage to be healed, they started to pray and she was full-on screaming weird stuff that no one understood. Then she made a final cry and she calmed down. They brought her up again later on and explained that she had been depressed and everything and that she wasn't feeling that way anymore."

> "The verse story ( a lil condensed):
I had pushed God away, thinking I was too good for Him. I became depressed and tried to search for things to make me happy... God had been keeping me up until at least 5 in the morning, specifically on a Sunday, for 3 weeks in a row. It was around 3 am when I full on just cried out "God, help me I am struggling so much. I can't deal with these things anymore."
Then the phone lit up with Isaiah 43:2 and to this day it is my favourite verse"

The verse: 
When you go through deep waters,    
    I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty,
    you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression,
    you will not be burned up;
    the flames will not consume you.

> There's the ordeal of Gabbie Hanna's religious grandmother visiting her in dreams

> There are psychics who gather their information through angels 

> There's the fact that not a single historian can prove Jesus didn't exist and many scientists believe an entity is more likely than evolution

> There's my teachers and family witnessing the use of dark magic being defied

> There's the fact that the majority agree there must be some sort of entity, spirit or supernatural in existence

> Also it's actually the explanation for how the world came to existence with the least things left to assumption

> I mean, we know satan exists. Just look at war, insanity. Look at people who go on murdering sprees or turn to suicide with no motive. There is no doubt evil in the world, but there's still joy.

> 70 separate people reported the existence of Jesus, and there is proof the disciples existed. Why would 12 men go through torture and stoning about what they believe if they didn't know it was true?

> There's the split rock that aligns with the story of Moses

Personal experiences/Ones I witnessed: 

> When my brother was three, he was riding on one of those plastic tricycles around the house and somehow managed to get on the deck/veranda. At the time, our fence was being repaired, there was no rail to stop him from falling. He kept riding, and, in my mothers words:
"With one wheel off the deck, he just stopped. Like something was holding him in the air. As I grabbed him to pull him away, I felt a cold rush of wind, like a presence." 

> I prayed for healing for my Grandpa with a terminal illness. He was claimed to have two days. He lived for three more months, dying only a few hours after the last visitor left.

> Right after my discussion with a youth leader about disorderly fear and anxiety (Keep in mind we were very much alone and unheard,) a girl, aged 12, came up to me with a note. In it she said that she sensed great "Fear and anxiety, perhaps you were recently diagnosed with a disorder, and I feel like it's going to be managed very soon." 

> During a sermon a girl who'd had problems with her leg for almost 2 years started to walk painlessly after prayer

> A friend of mine rolled his ankle during a missions trip and it was evidently dislocated. After prayer, when everyone opened their eyes, his foot was without a bruise, and he felt no pain. 

> I survived a suicide attempt with no logical explanation as to how

> I prayed to God for guidance and minutes later started developing my idea for Fear- a chapter book I'm writing about a curse that comes ever 100 years and lasts 365 days where any time during those 365 days you could face your greatest fear in the most terrifying and extreme way possible. Trying to escape the curse results in death. Keep in mind it's 365 days, not every full year. On leap years, the curse doesn't start until January 2nd.
Now, almost a year into having this idea, I discovered there is EXACTLY 365 VERSES WHERE GOD OR JESUS MENTIONS NOT BEING AFRAID. 

Can you seriously tell me after reading all this that there is no God?
If I remember more, I'll make it part 4.
Stay tuned for part 3: my view on Christian controversy 

>>> republished for not aligning with conditions regarding self-harm; understandably since it is a serious and unromantic topic. 


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    Eh, I'm not really a religious person, but this is still really cool!!

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