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Message to Readers

I missed JediKnightGirl's contest (Boo!), but she graciously allowed me to write this to her prompt anyway (YAAAY!!!)! Enjoy, and please feel free to comment/review! I'd like to know if I wrote clearly, or are you going, "Hey, what in blazes is this thing? What is she talking about?" Thanks, especially to JKG!

Cinder Mountain#JKG

November 4, 2018


    A flighty sparrow alights on a black boulder embedded in the flanks of Cinder Mountain.  The craggy earth's-bone uncannily resembles a muscle-bound titan lying spread-eagle, as if arrested by a spearhead.
    The grey predawn light touches the ebony shoulder.  A twitch runs through the massive frame.  The sparrow squawks and flees as the rough-cut statue stiffly rises.  It lifts its eyes to the east, and a sunken fire kindles in the dead orbs.  Swaying like a warship's mast it tackles the slope, which trembles under his charred, jagged feet.  Ancient trees creak and snap like blades of grass before his mighty strides, and the clouds above swirl as the dense skull sails through them.  Wildlife flee like ants, stately harts and saucy squirrels alike.
    Pink spreads like a blush on the sky's satin cheek.  The giant quickens its steps, unconscious of the mass destruction in its wake.  It crests a ridge and charges up the spur of the towering peak.  Stooping, it scrambles beast-like in its haste.  Soon its massive hands fling snow as well as dirt, scooping empty new pools in the flesh of the mountain.  
    The rosy fire of dawn is intensifying.  The clouds have caught the red fire now, purpling at the edges as if bruised by their own beauty.
    The titan groans, its voice is the voice of the earth under tyrant's feet, and doubles its frantic pace.  With a mighty bound it pounces to the very peak, just as the royal sun crests the rim of the world.  The swimming fleecy clouds about its chest burn in the sun's gaze.  The titan smiles, and his teeth flash like fine diamonds.
    Sunfire stabs from the incandescent orb and lights the colossal ascended ember.  He breathes in his birthright as fire-life swells in his charcoal heart.  The flames flash from his eyes like solar flares as he lifts his arm and splays his fingers, watching the obsidian muscles ripple.
    He lives again.
Thank you, JKG!


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1 Comment
  • JediKnightGirl

    Thank you so much for shouting me out and stuff, that's so sweet :). This piece had a really interesting style with a lot of long, flowy words and that can be hard to maintain but you really made it work with your story. I'm glad you were inspired by the prompt and I love what you came up with!

    about 1 year ago