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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

Once the world was gone.

November 4, 2018

Nothing existed except for Quintessence, the god of perfection. One of His eyes was bright yellow, and the other was white; he had deep blue skin.
Then suddenly, out of the nothing, there was something. It rained down and stuck to Him. Some say it was the light of life, and thus the night sky and stars were born.
    Intrigued by the idea that there was something other than nothing, He decided to mold the void into planets which were precisely circular.  
He created the world out of nothing. 
Trees, flowers, and plants, all of which were pristine, and followed a mathematical pattern.
He created the sea, which was glassy and clear.
He made the cliffs, His rocky sentinels, but all of them had a defined geometric pattern.

He sat back and admired all that He had created—which is much more than is listed.
Yet... He was lonely.
So He created another living, thinking thing. It's name was Paragon.
    He was beautiful; perfect. His face was symmetrical. He had no flaws.
    For a long time, that was enough. But Paragon wasn't as perfect as his creator thought. He was curious.
    And he saw the planets, static in the sky, just decorations. He saw the plants and trees frozen in perfection. He looked to the ocean and saw a flat clear surface.
    One night, when Quintessence was elsewhere, he decided to go to one of the planets—which was called Jupiter. He took the rock and shaped it into a man. Not perfect, but interesting. Different. He introduced himself to Jupiter and told him that he had the important job of creating the other virtues of the world from other planets. Fearing that Quintessence should figure out, he hid away Jupiter and granted him the gift of invisibility.
    Jupiter created many creatures. From Neptune, he created the god of the sea. From Pluto, he made death. From Venus, love. 
    Then Jupiter created two last gods. Mars and Saturn. War and Time. 
These two beings brought life, change.
    The planets, before static, began to rotate around. The plants grew. The cliffs broke. 
    The gods began to quarrel, vying for power. But it brought them difference, which they craved enough to fight. 
Jupiter then realized something. Although he had created all of these wonderful beings, there should be more to enjoy the experience with him, and they deserved to feel a warmth of joy. He searched far for these things, but he found nothing.     Before long, Jupiter went to Paragon to ask if he could make him these things, but Paragon said that only Quintessence could perform such a feat. Jupiter nodded, then went to find Quintessence, and before Paragon could call him back, he was gone. Paragon sighed. Soon he was to be figured out.
    But Quintessence had been aware of the change. After all, the planets hadn't always moved. So when Jupiter came, He wasn't surprised. 
    "Who are you?" He asked in his booming ethereal voice.
    "I am Jupiter, child of Paragon, and I have come to ask you something," Jupiter said.
    "Ahh. So that is where he has been," Quintessence said.
    "Is there any way you could create other life, and let them experience the joy we have of living?"
Quintessence had been observing Jupiter this time, and He realized his imperfection.
    "I do not see why to grant you these things. After all, you already have so many gifts." 
    "I know, but what if other beings could experience this as well! There would be so much happiness." Jupiter said with passion.
    Quintessence laughed. "The unknown of more beings isn't perfection. So no child, I will not grant you this." 
Jupiter went back to Paragon, and told him of what had happened. As much as Paragon wanted to scold his creation for asking for what he wanted, he could not, as there was nothing wrong with doing so. Pitying Jupiter, he took the void and created a small white stone. He handed it to the young god and said, "This is a stone of rest. It will allow you to create another god."
Jupiter greatly thanked Paragon, then took the stone and began to shape a man out of it. Eventually, Hypnos, the god of dreams, was made.
    This satisfied Jupiter for a time, but it was still not enough for him. He found that his new friend Hypnos had the power to put people into a deep rest. So he devised a plan.
    Hypnos would put the god of perfection to sleep, and jupiter would carve out a small ball from each eye to make Apollo and Artemis. Sun and moon.
    So they did, and the plan worked perfectly.
    Diana made animals and guided the moon, and Apollo worked the sun and played the first music.
    The earth became alive. Nature flourished, but also died.
    When Quintessence realized what was going on, He was enraged. He found Paragon and made it so he was no longer a god, cast down to earth as mortal. He would live forever, but could no longer use the power of his godhood. 
    But when Paragon reached earth, he realized he still had enough power left to create one more being. He scooped out earth and stone—by hand this time—and painstakingly chiseled out all of the features. This creature wouldn't be named earth, but instead Prometheus, or foresight. It was his last gift to the world before he lived on earth to wonder if he would ever see or hear of his creations again. 
    Prometheus, and in memory of Paragon, created humans. They were crude, yes, but they were humans.

    So whenever you look into the night sky, realize that you see the glittering skin of Quintessence, the one thing about him that wasn't perfectly aligned.
    Whenever you hear another voice, or hold another; whenever any time passes; when you experience the ocean; when you quarrel; when there is death, it is Paragon's doing. 
    Life is always Quintessence, we just have to view it so.

This is exactly 1000 words.


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