Peer Review by Aarushikrishnan (United States)

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Ruins of the World-A Dreamer's tune

By: purplepanache


Hang me out to dry
Kind lady of the house
Watch me under golden skies
Smouldering to ashes

Some cheerful fire it shall be
Smiling as it burns
The words will burn
(for that is what I am made of)
It is all I am made of

Your eyes will glimmer
In the blaze
(they may even burn)

So hang me out to dry
Kind lady of the house
But please don't set me to fire

Peer Review

I feel like out of all your poems I've read until now, this one was the most ambiguous- I'm left feeling the emotions you wanted me to feel, but I don't know what prompted you to write it. I absolutely adore that, it gives your poem an ethereal quality.

There seems to be a bit of a disjoint between the second and third stanzas of your poem. I recommend adding a bridge stanza, I feel like that would really make it pop!

Reviewer Comments

I really don't have to say it, you know I'm your biggest fan. This was delightful, as always.
Also, I love your title, it feels almost morbidly whimsical, which suits the poem itself wonderfully!