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Here's my Halloween Story for October Twenty Seventh everyone. Please read and comment on,I want to know what you think!

There Are No Strings On Me,A Halloween Story For October Twenty Seventh:

October 27, 2018


Description: Hey all,today's October twenty seventh,the twenty seventh day of the Halloween season! Today we come back to Halloween stories and today's chilling tale from the crypt is one that will have you palpitating like a jackhammer. Dear ones,is having control over someone truly a good thing? Can such control have consequences for the ones in control? Is free will truly precious and what would one be willing to do to have free will? And can such control create monsters? Well,dear ones,this story will tell all and like all before them,you will learn something from this. Enjoy it if you must,but promise me that you won't be too frightened when your read it and that you'll learn the lesson well. Anyhow,without further ado...let us begin.

Rated: K+ or T (for some frightening content)

Long ago,during the Victorian Era,in the city of London,there lived a lonely marionette maker named Thaddeus Shaw. Thaddeus Shaw was quite possibly the greatest marionette maker of the age,making beautiful and incredibly life like puppets that he made for children or for people who wished to entertain their friends at parties. People called Thaddeus as marvel,a magician at best for his incredible skill. However,while Thaddeus's skill was great,as I told you,he was lonely. You see,Thaddeus was quite old and his wife,his beloved Cynthia,had died three years ago. He had no children,for Cynthia could produce none. He did not blame her,for it was not her fault,but he did so want to have children. Thaddeus often found happiness in the smiles he produced on people's faces,especially children,yet it wasn't enough. It was his one wish to have a child,but one must be careful for what one wishes for...because wishes can come true and can have very dark consequences. One night,Thaddeus was at his shop,ready to go home. However,as he was getting his coat on,the bell on the door chimed and in came an unusual looking fellow. He was a handsome man,dressed ever so debonair in a deep black gentleman's suit and hat. His skin was rather pale,his eyes were silver,and his hair was dark blue. He carried a fashionable sword stick with a silver cobra hilt and had a twitch on the right corner of his mouth. Thaddeus wasn't sure who this man was,yet he knew that there was something dark about this man that he did not like.

"Ah,Thaddeus Shaw,the famous marionette magician," The mysterious man said respectably,tipping his hat. "so grand to make your acquaintance at last. I've heard your skills are legendary and none can compare to them. I'm right,am I not?"

"Well...yes,I am." Thaddeus said modestly. "I am highly skilled in the art of making marionettes,but there have been others who could surpass my skill. It is kind of you to say this,sir,but not to be rude,I must stress you leave at once. I'm closing up shop for the night and it's best you come back in the morning."

"I understand perfectly," The mysterious man said politely. "yet before you go,I have a proposition for you that you might be interested in,one that might solve a certain problem of yours."

Thaddeus,intrigued,raised an eyebrow and said "And just what might that be?"

"Well," The mysterious man said. "though your skills are considerably great,they can not fill the void of loneliness within your soul. You,sir,are alone and have no children. Your wife could not give you any and it has been a desire of yours to have some."

"How in God's name do you know that?!" Thaddeus said in surprise and shock.

"Oh,let's just say I'm a man who has been here and there,having seen and heard many things." The mysterious man said with a chuckle. "But,where on earth are my manners. Allow me to introduce myself,dear sir,my name is Mister Twitch. I'm the sort of man who can do things nobody can,such as grant desires that many people dream of having and that is why I am here. I am here to help you,mr. Shaw."

"And just how could you help me?" Thaddeus asked,rather suspicious.

"Well,you want children and I can get you some." Mister Twitch explained,a hint of slyness buried beneath his tone. "I hate to see a man of great talent have to be so alone,which is why I have decided to be of assistance. However,in order for me to help you,you,mr.Shaw,must assist me in this endeavor if you are to get what you desire. Do you understand?"

Thaddeus was silent for a very long time,unsure if he should trust this man. Mister Twitch was very strange and knowing better,he had to have some ulterior motives. Yet,he was offering something Thaddeus had desired for such a long time,children. Thaddeus hated being alone,especially when he was at home in his empty house without anyone to share it with. All he ever wanted was for his home to have happiness and laughter that came from not only him,but children that were his as well. So,his loneliness consuming him,Thaddeus consented.

"Alright," Thaddeus sighed in agreement. "but what must I do to help you? How can I help you to get what I want?"

"As you know,mr. Shaw,in order to have children,the children must have a body." Mister Twitch replied. "You must use your marionette making skills to make life size children in order for me to bring them to life. To avoid suspicion,I would think it best that you make them young ladies and gentlemen,that way,you can claim that they are long lost relations that you adopted when they came to your home,in need of a place to stay."

"How many must I make?" Thaddeus asked curiously.

"Three will do,I don't want a man of your age to work yourself to death making these marionettes." Mr. Twitch answered with well disguised false sympathy. "However,if I am to bring them to life,they will require...something else."

"Something else?" Thaddeus echoed curiously,suspicious of his intentions. "What ever would they need to be brought to life besides bodies?"

"Souls,mr.Shaw,souls." Mister Twitch responded,a hint of darkness in his tone. "All bodies need souls to be alive and therefore,you must get me souls to bring them to life."

"I'm sorry,d-d-did you say souls?" Thaddeus said in shock,now slightly pale. "As in,human spirits?"

"Indeed I did and if you're wondering how you'll get them,you'll be using these." Mister Twitch answered,pulling out some crooked,black,wooden sticks. "These are Soul Sucking Sticks,magical tools of my invention. They have the power to siphon souls out of people's bodies. You will use them to collect human souls so that I may bring your marionettes to life and make them your children."

"B-B-B-But,th-th-that's m-m-murder!" Thaddeus stuttered in horror. "Y-You w-w-want m-me to..."

"Yes,I do,and it's the only way for this plan to succeed." Mr. Twitch said darkly. "True,it's a small price you will have to pay,but who cares about that? What do a few lives matter to an incredible marvel such as yourself? You'll be getting everything you want and more."

"E-E-Even so,I..." Thaddeus started to protest.

"Mr. Shaw,I will not be making this offer again,this is a deal that can only be made once." Mr. Twitch said seriously. "I am being very reasonable here and I do not like to have my patience tried by people who deny my generosity. Now,I ask you this now...what will your answer be? Do we have a deal or not?"

Thaddeus just stood there,torn about what he should do. He wanted children,but not in this way,certainly not through murder. He was a good hearted man who was kind to everyone he met and was a man of the righteous. Thaddeus disdained all dark and criminal things,not wishing to be a part of them. But,if he did not agree to this deal,he would lose his one chance at having children. Thaddeus was an elderly man,his hair was gray and thinning,his bones were frail,he did not have many years of life left. He did not wish to spend them alone,he wanted to have a family of his own like he and Cynthia had always wanted,yet could not achieve. And Mister Twitch was clearly a man who did not take no for an answer. He mentioned he could do things no things no man could do,which meant there was no telling what he might do if he were to say no. Thaddeus did not want to commit murder,yet he did not want to be alone for the rest of his days. Though he knew he would pay a price for what he was going to do,Thaddeus finally gave his answer.

"Very well,Mister Twitch,I shall consent to your deal." Thaddeus answered at last. "But,promise me one thing,I will not be caught for the murders I must commit and that my sins will be absolved when I die."

"But,of course,mr. Shaw,anything for a wonder such as yourself." Mister Twitch said slyly,proceeding to shake his hand. "Now,our little endeavor begins tomorrow night after you close up your shop. You will begin by making the three bodies and once they're finished,we will move on to the soul collecting and such. Understood?"

"Understood." Thaddeus answered,nodding.

"Marvelous,see you tomorrow!" Mister Twitch said as he left.

After Mister Twitch left,Thaddeus stood in the shop,completely silent and asked himself one question; What had he done? He'd just a deal with a man who could very well be the Devil to achieve a goal he so desperately wanted. He was getting children,but would have to commit murder to get them. Alas,as much as he wished to back out of the deal,Thaddeus knew there was no turning back. So,as he walked home that night,he prepared himself to do the most horrible thing he would ever do. The very next morning,Thaddeus worked at his marionette shop as he always did. Many people came in,eager to buy his creations,but they noticed he was acting rather odd. He seemed...nervous and unsure,like there was something wrong. When they asked,he merely dismissed it as nothing. The customers weren't sure if he was telling the truth,but knowing him as an always honest man,they trusted him. Yet,he wasn't telling the truth and and the moment night came,he began his endeavor with Mister Twitch. Crafting it by hand,Mister Twitch made the first body. She was a lovely girl,for Thaddeus had always wished for many daughters to love. She had silky brown hair,painted powder blue eyes,and sweet pink lips. He dressed her in a charming dark blue dress,a string of pearls,and a lovely bonnet. It took him the whole night to make her,but it was worth it when she was finished. The second body he made the night after and like before,she was a girl. However,she was pretty,yet round and sweet as a cream puff,with golden blond hair done in ringlets and copper brown eyes. Thaddeus dressed her in a flattering strawberry red dress with lace,a silver heart locket,and a hat crowned with roses. She took the whole night and part of the morning to make,nearly exhausting poor Thaddeus. The third body was made the night that soon came and this time,it was a handsome young man. He had well combed black hair,a charming smile,a cleft chin,and bright green eyes. Dressed in a warm brown vest,red tie,black jacket,dark grey pants,and a black topper,this young man was ever so debonair. By the time,Thaddeus had finished all the marionette bodies,he was completely worn out. He collapsed on the floor the moment he finished and then...everything went black. He was unconscious for a long while,but he soon woke up and to his surprise,in his own bed. On his nightstand,there was a glass of water and a note. After getting some refreshment,Thaddeus picked up the note and this is what it said...

"I found you on the floor,completely exhausted,so I took you home. You will need rest to be healthy enough to finish our little endeavor,so stay in bed until that time. Once you're ready,come and meet me at your shop.

​Sincerely yours,

Mister Twitch."

Knowing that he was right,Thaddeus decided to take a nice long nap. He woke up later on and by the time he had,it was night. Thaddeus was perfectly refreshed from his nap,proceeding to get out of bed and go down to the shop,where Mister Twitch was waiting for him. Mister Twitch explained to him that he had to use to Soul Sucking Sticks to collect three perfect souls for the bodies and that they would glow ghostly blue when they were found. To use the Soul Sucking Sticks,he had to say the latin words "Sipho anima mea." which means "siphon soul." Once he had all three,Thaddeus would bring them back and Mister Twitch would bring them to life. The moment Thaddeus had them in his hand,he went out to find the perfect souls. The first Soul Sucking Stick led him to Royal Park and sitting on a park bench was a pretty young lady with strawberry red hair and gentle blue eyes,wearing the most beautiful white dress and hat. She sat on the park bench,quiet and alone,staring up at the beauty of the night sky. It was almost as if she were staring out into the universe,gazing at it's beauty and listening to its quiet whispers. Thaddeus felt sorry that he would have to end her life because he was in awe of her beauty. To him,she looked liked a fairy princess from out of a fairy tale or an angel from Heaven. Nevertheless,he had to do what had to be done in order to complete his deal with Mister Twitch. Creeping up behind her,taking out the first Soul Sucking Stick,Thaddeus pointed it at her and quietly said the magic words. The young woman heard Thaddeus,but she turned around too late to see the horror that would occur. The Soul Sucking Stick glowed ghostly blue,proceeding to magically suck the soul out of her body. The young woman,in agony and pain,begged Thaddeus to stop,pleading for him to let her live. But,alas,he would not stop and by the time he had finished,her soul was gone and her body,one rich with pink skin,was nothing more than a gray,withered corpse. Shedding a tear of pity,Thaddeus walked away in sorrow to find the next perfect soul. The second Soul Sucking Stick led him to outside an apartment in Bloomsbury,where an extravagant party had just ended. Many people were leaving and one of them was a young woman with black rag curls and coffee brown eyes. She was plump,but in the most adorable way,like the second girl marionette Thaddeus had made,and wore a deep green dress with pearls on it. Thaddeus knew he could not take her soul in a crowd,so he waited until she strayed away from her doting parents and wandered away. The young woman took out a small mirror and makeup from her handbag to adjust her makeup,yet little did she know,the last thing she would see would be Thaddeus coming up behind her with the Soul Sucking Stick. Before she could even react,Thaddeus said the magic words and in an instant,her soul was gone. Fortunately,no one saw him do it because he was in dark alleyway. Like before,Thaddeus felt pity,yet he knew he could not turn back. So,moving on,he went to find the last soul. The third Soul Sucking Stick lead him outside a small pub,where standing alone,carving a piece of wood,was a handsome young man. He was dressed in faded blue shirt,stitched up brown pants,and a patchwork flat cap. He was whistling to himself as he carved the form of a dog out of the wood,which Thaddeus found mildly amusing. However,Thaddeus had a job to do and this was the last soul needed for the bodies he'd made. Knowing he'd need to use the element of surprise due to the pub being well lit,he quietly slipped through the shadows as he crept towards the young man. The moment he was behind him,making sure not to make himself known,Thaddeus softly said the magic words and like the other two,the young man lost his soul and became a withered,gray corpse. Now that he had all three perfect souls,Thaddeus,with the Soul Sucking Sticks in hand,returned to his shop. Mister Twitch was there waiting for him and the moment he discovered Thaddeus had gotten the souls,he was delighted.

"Ah,you've gotten the final components,excellent! Well done!" Mister Twitch said,very pleased. "Now that we have the three souls,I can complete our little endeavor."

"So,now that you have what you need,you'll be able to bring them to life?" Thaddeus asked hopefully. 

"Precisely,dear sir! I am a man of great power and it should only take a few minutes for them to come to life as living people." Mister Twitch confirmed.

"And you're sure no one knows that I took the souls of those people? No bodies were found?" Thaddeus said in an anxious tone.

"Nobody at all,I personally took care of the nasty evidence myself." Mister Twitch replied slyly. "No one will ever know and you will remain thought of as a wonderful magician. Now,without further ado,let us begin."

With that,Thaddeus handed the three Soul Sucking Sticks to Mister Twitch and the mysterious man got to work. Entering the room where the three life size marionettes were crafted,Mister Twitch took the Soul Sucking Sticks and put the perfect souls into the bodies. The bodies glowed with soft,ghostly blue light,like the lantern the Grim Reaper was said to carry on pitch black nights. Then,Mister Twitch began to chant some magical words. As he chanted louder and louder,the marionette bodies began to glow brighter. Soon,the moment Mister Twitch said the final magic word,there was a great flash and when it passed,the deed was done. Lying on the tables were the marionette bodies once were,were living breathing people. Mister Twitch called in Thaddeus and the moment he saw them,he was in awe of the results. His creations had become real people,real people who would become his children. They soon woke up and the moment they did,they rushed over to Thaddeus,saying one thing joyously.

"Father!" They cried as they hugged him.

Thaddeus was weeping tears of joy,for he now had everything he and Cynthia had ever wanted,children. He eagerly thanked Mister Twitch for his generosity,who politely said he was welcome. Mister Twitch told Thaddeus that his marionette children were now permanently real and would obey him indefinitely,he had total control over them. Thaddeus was somewhat dismayed that his children had no free will,yet was nevertheless pleased to have a family. However,as Mister Twitch was leaving,a sinister smile played upon his lips. You see,dear ones,Mister Twitch is a malevolent phantom and any deal you make with him has a rather unfortunate catch that brings misfortune to those on the other side on the bargain. There's always a price to these deals he makes and those who pay them pay them dearly. He did not tell Thaddeus this because being the dark,sinister fellow he is,Mister Twitch keeps his victims in the dark about the suffering they will soon endure. Thaddeus would soon pay the price for his deal with Mister Twitch and that dear ones,would give birth to something most wicked. After his marionette children became real,Mister Twitch took them home. He gave them their own rooms and named at once. The brunette girl was named Adelaide,the blond girl was named Henrietta,and the boy was named Edwin. The three of them loved their "father" very much and were incredibly loyal to him. They did everything that he told them to do,where and when he asked. They often worked in the marionette shop,helping their father make new marionettes or sell them to customers. Each of them,though similar in loyalty,possessed a uniqueness about them that made them stand out. Adelaide,the oldest girl,was charming and friendly. She was always there with a smile and a hand to shake whenever a customer arrived,immediately helping them find what they needed. Sometimes,her father would have her perform marionette shows for the children that came in,which delighted them greatly. Edwin,the youngest and the only boy was quiet,intelligent lad who often helped his father craft a new marionette. He had skills that could have rivaled his father and could make marionettes so life like,he was referred as "the magician's assistant" by the customers. Finally,there was Henrietta,the middle child and the second girl. Henrietta was a bright,perceptive,clever,kind young girl who treated everyone with respect,regardless of their status or who they were. She helped her father sell marionettes in the shop,handing them out to customers who came in,and out of all the children,Henrietta was closest with her father. She deeply cared for her father,always making sure he was fine,even running the shop for him when he could not. However,while as loyal to her father as her siblings,there were times when she questioned why she had to do everything he said. He was a good man,he was,but being the perceptive young girl she was,Henrietta noticed that everyone who came into her father's shop didn't always have to listen to people. True,they had to follow authority,yet could make their own decisions when the time came. They didn't have to do everything they were told,they didn't have to be told do anything,they could do what they wanted. These people had their own will they could follow and Henrietta,though finding it strange...wanted such will for herself. However,as much as she wished for such will,found herself unable follow her own will. In fact,she could only follow her father's will. Soon,the more Henrietta tried and failed to follow her own will,the more disgruntled she became. Though she loved her father,she wanted her own will,but could never get it. Having no will of her own made her feel like one of her father's marionettes,a hollow shell that did as it was told,commanded by strings. Henrietta,though now human,knew that she was still a marionette on strings and the one controlling her was her father. Adelaide and Edwin were controlled like marionettes as well,blindly following their father's orders without the slightest bit of conscious. And the worst part was,people actually believed that they were his children. Thaddeus had told them that they were distant relations he'd adopted when they  had no place to stay,which the foolish people were convinced as true. Yet,Henrietta knew what they truly were....they were slaves,servant children who had to whatever their father told them to. This was somewhat true,as part of the deal Thaddeus made with Mister Twitch,but that didn't mean he liked controlling them. Thaddeus often hated how his children had no will of their own,only doing what he said and not being able to think for themselves. Though they were alive and real,the children he and Mister Twitch created were like slaves,they did everything he told them too. Henrietta knew this not and because of this,dear ones,it would result in the act of a deed most sinister. One night,after Thaddeus has closed up shop and took his children home. They were all getting ready for bed and Henrietta,who was washing her face in the mirror,muttered to herself about how unfair it was she had no free will. But then,she stopped,having the feeling something wasn't right. Looking up very slowly,she saw that reflected in the mirror,was the image of a mysterious,debonair man standing behind her. Henrietta was spooked and rubbed her eyes,only to see that the image had disappeared. Going back to washing her face,she assumed it was nothing. However,the feeling came on once again,but this time,a hand touched her shoulder from the side. Henrietta whipped her head over and saw the mysterious,debonair man beside her to her right,smiling darkly.

"A bit disgruntled,my dear? I can see why,one often gets that way when having no free will." The mysterious,debonair man said with a sly smile.

Henrietta opened her mouth to scream,yet never got the chance because the mysterious,debonair man silenced her by covering her mouth with his hand.

"Hush,my dear,there's no need to be afraid," The mysterious,debonair man said suavely. "I'm here to help you. My name is Mister Twitch and I am an old associate of your father. Surely he's told you about me?"

"O-Of c-c-course,y-you're the man w-who helped bring me and my siblings to life." Henrietta replied,still a little nervous. "He said you can do magic."

"Indeed I can,but all magic comes with a price." Mister Twitch said with well acted sympathy. "Your father knew that all too well when you and your siblings were first made. You have no free will of your own,despite being real,but that makes you upset."

"It does,but I can't do anything about it." Henrietta said with a sigh. "I can't do anything without my father's orders and as much as I try to do something I want,I am unable too. My siblings are blind to our situation,but I can see clearly what we are. We're nothing but marionettes on strings,puppets meant to be controlled! Our father knows this to be true,I know he does,but he does nothing! It is completely awful and unfair! All others have free will while we do not! Just once,I wish I,along with my siblings,could have free will!"

"And you can my dear,which is why I've come." Mister Twitch said,ulterior motives hidden beneath his tone. "As I told you,I'm here to help you. Being a man of great power and magic,I can do things no man is capable of. I can grant you free will,but unfortunately,I can only do it for one of you. You will have to be the one to have it my dear,you clearly desire it the most,yet worry not. Your siblings shall get their own free will,but not before you get yours. What do you say,have we an accord?"

"But,how can we have an accord when I can only..." Henrietta started to ask.

"You forget that it was my magic that brought you alive and that therefore means you have to follow my will as well,not just your father's." Mister Twitch answered. "With that known,you can agree this deal. Once again,I ask you this...have we an accord?"

Henrietta,feeling a twinge of rebellion inside her,extended her hand and shook Mister Twitch's hand.

"We have an accord. What must I do?" Henrietta said,a dark,content smile on her face.

"Well..." Mister Twitch said as he began to explain.

Mister Twitch told Henrietta that in order to gain her own free will,she had to drink a potion that would grant her what she desired. Mister Twitch told her she'd need the strings of a marionette (the symbol of control),the bone of a cat (symbolizing independence),and a rusty blade (which symbolized being cut free). Following the will of Mister Twitch,Henrietta set out to get what he'd asked for. The strings of a marionette were easy to find,for they were littered on her father's work desk. The bone of a cat she found in a cemetery,for she knew of a cat that died there after being mauled by a wild dog. The rusty blade she found in her father's trash in his workshop,an old knife he used for carving marionettes that had been thrown away in the trash. Once all the ingredients were collected,she brought them to Mister Twitch,who eagerly brewed the potion. It took several minutes,but once it was complete,he gave it to Henrietta. Henrietta,staring greedily the potion,grinned darkly because this...this was everything she'd ever wanted. Since she'd come to learn about free will,she desired it endlessly. For once in her life,Henrietta wanted to be able to what she wished,not what someone else wished her to do. And now,with this potion in her hands,that would all be possible. Without a second thought,Henrietta guzzled down the potion. It trickled down her throat,feeling like darkness,but the sweet kind that brought pleasure. Soon,Henrietta began to feel herself become different,her mind rearranging with a very fuzzy feeling. Once it passed,to see if it had worked,Henrietta tested the potion's effect by asking Mister Twitch to make her do something. Mister Twitch ordered her to dance around like a fool and the moment she said no,Henrietta let out joyous cry; She was free. No longer would she have to blindly follow orders or only listen to her father's will,she was now her own person,able to think for herself. Henrietta asked what she had to do to give Adelaide and Edwin their free will,but the answer was shall we say...dark

"In order to get the free will you desperately want your siblings to have," Mister Twitch explained in a somewhat fiendish tone. "you must,shall we say,dispose of the one controlling them,that person being your father."

"You mean like make him leave? Something like that?" Henrietta asked inquisitively. 

"No,my dear,not like that." Mister Twitch said sinisterly,shaking his head. "You have to...end him."

"End him? Surely you don't mean..." Henrietta said appalled. 

"Yes,murder." Mister Twitch said wickedly. "Their enslavement ends when he is dead and to get your siblings free will,he must die."

"But,he's my...he's my..." Henrietta said dubiously.

"Father? Is he really?" Mister Twitch asked darkly. "Would your father know that you blindly follow orders and do nothing about it? Would your father allow you to follow his will and his will only,despite knowing you have no will of your own? Would your father try to free you of this curse? Is he truly your father?"

Henrietta opened her mouth to protest,but then,she took this into consideration. Her father,though good and kind,did nothing when they had no free will. He knew that they had to do whatever he said without question,but didn't seem to want to do anything about it. In fact,he did nothing about it. He just stood by as they followed his orders,being controlled like marionettes on strings,hollow shells meant to do what their master wanted. A real father would care about his children and do anything that would make them happy. Wishing for free will made Henrietta happy,yet had her father at least tried to give her that? No,he did not. Why,he knew all of them,not just Henrietta,had no free will,and did not appear to care enough to do something that would make them free. Henrietta,now full of resentment for her father,knew what she had to do. To make her siblings able to have free will,she would end the man who controlled them in the first place.

"No,he is not," Henrietta finally answered in a cold tone. "he is not my father. My father would love me and make sure I am free,but he does not. He just stands by as I am forced to follow his will. Well,no more. I will not be a marionette any longer. No longer will he control me with strings...there are no strings on me."

"Good girl," Mister Twitch praised in a foul tone. "now if you wish to give your siblings their freedom,I suggest you do it when that old fool who calls himself your father falls asleep."

"Gladly." Henrietta said,her tone foul as well.

Just as he was there,Mister Twitch disappeared,yet that did not stop the sinister deed that occurred that night. After everyone was in bed,Henrietta waited until her family was in a deep sleep. Once that occurred,she quietly crept downstairs,grabbing a knife from the kitchen,and went up to Thaddeus's room. Thaddeus lay sound asleep in his bed,his old eyes closed in slumber. Henrietta slinked into his room like a shadow,crawling onto his bed,the knife in her hand. Now over him,Henrietta raised the knife ready to strike. However,just as she was preparing to strike,Thaddeus stirred from sleep and his eyes widened in horror when he saw what Henrietta was doing. He didn't now how this was possible,but he did not like it.

"H-H-Henrietta,w-w-what a-a-are y-you..." Thaddeus stuttered fearfully.

"There are no strings on me." Henrietta answered in a dark tone.

That was the last thing Thaddeus heard,for the knife came down and struck him in the heart. The cold steel blade drew blood from his body,getting blood all over the sheets. In his final moments,Thaddeus knew that Mister Twitch had something to do with this and Henrietta had gained free will. He was a bit happy she was now free,but saddened that it had to be in this way. He knew he should have done something to help his children,but stuck in the mindset that it was the way things had to be,so he did nothing. Only now did he realize his mistake,yet it was too late and he'd paid the price. Within a few moments,Thaddeus was dead. Henrietta,pleased with her success,could not wait to see how wonderful her siblings would feel now that they had free will. After dumping her father's body in the River Thames,Henrietta went to bed,sleeping soundly with the thought of free will. Morning soon came,but Adelaide and Edwin were much changed. Just as Mister Twitch had promised,they had free will,now able to make their own decisions. However,worried about where their father had gone,they asked Henrietta what had happened. Wishing to keep her siblings in the dark about it,Henrietta said their father left them so they could become their own people,to follow their own will. With free will,they would suspected something,but having always trusted their sister,they believed her lie. Soon,Adelaide and Edwin developed interests of their own that they did in their spare time; Adelaide developed a passion for music and dancing,while Edwin preferred to sit quietly in the living room and read. The two of them found free will to be incredible,surprised just how great it could be to follow their own will,rather than another's. As for Henrietta,she took up her father's place at running the marionette shop,with the help of her siblings of course. While many had been suspicious of why Thaddeus had disappeared,Henrietta simply said he left to move on to other things and the people believed it. And what became of Mister Twitch? He disappeared,but some say he's still out there,doing more dark deeds. The Shaw children lived the rest of their lives,free and content,eventually getting lives of their own. But,for the rest of her life,Henrietta kept the secret of what truly happened to Thaddeus a secret. Why you ask? Well...her siblings would surely hate and betray her if they knew,causing her to be locked up with no free will. Not wishing to cost herself that,Henrietta told them nothing. Know this well,dear ones,free will is all that we have and is by far one of the most precious things we have in this world. Free will determines how we live our lives,the choices we make,who we choose to be. Having no free will and being controlled by someone can have serious consequences,so serious...they can result in disgruntlement,which becomes resentment,and resentment can turn even the kindest of people into dark creatures that commit sinister deeds. So,dear ones,cherish your free will and make sure that those around you have free will...or it may cause you to pay the price.
Here's my Halloween Story for October twenty seventh everybody! Enjoy,but be mindful,you might just learn something from it.


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  • Mr. Colin E.

    Thanks,I wanted to add in Mister Twitch into this story because he's such a good villain that he'd be perfect for a story like this! I might try to tell some Halloween stories tonight,but my mom tells not to due to not wanting me to push my luck. But,I am dressing up tonight! Look out for my last Halloween poem today,it's a good one!

    over 1 year ago
  • Cololo231

    And Mister Twitch is the same kind of character as Sophronia from the Price of Beauty story, but far more diabolical and getting away with things like he always does. Both having ulterior motives to their schemes, betraying the main character, and making deals with them. Really similar to put it that way. And by the way, Happy Halloween, Redwards!

    over 1 year ago
  • Mr. Colin E.

    Thanks so much,I love that you liked it! I've been waiting to here your opinion on this!

    over 1 year ago
  • Cololo231

    Wow, this is so scary! First, Thaddeus had to kill people in order to have children of his own, and now his own daughter had to kill her own father to have her free will? That is messed up. Two innocent people were trapped in Mister Twitch's manipulation and complete madness. This could be the darkest scary story I've ever heard in my entire life. However, there were two mistakes that I did see from reading this piece. First, you wrote that Mister Twitch made the first body of the marionette when it was actually Thaddeus who made it since, to be honest, he is a marionette maker the world has ever seen. Also, this whole story is now changed from an old guy wanting to have children to a young girl wanting to have free will. I don't know, it just confused the hell out of me when I was reading and it kind of went pretty inconsistent when the narrative was about an innocent old man who wants to have children of his own since his wife died. But...I could see where this is going. It's a parallel between Thaddeus and his daughter. Henrietta committed the same exact sin as her father did and I kind of see that she may have gotten from him. She inherited him. That's a nice similarity for her to do that one thing she couldn't have like when Thaddeus wanted to have children in the first place. But it does go inconsistently down the road when it was taking a turn to tell a different story to be all about Henrietta. But overall, this is somewhat a dark, yet good scary story. It did give me some chills just listening to it each time, even though I didn't like the bad amount of focus that pretty baffled me all of the sudden. And yet again, I hate Mr. Twitch as always. He's still a despicable monster that give me a chill down to my spine and will always do some terrible deed that comes with him. It's kinda rare that you took that character into this one big story to make him have a big role in this. I remember him and still hate him by heart and I never expected him to come out like this. But anyways, I like this story with a thousand thumbs up, even with a bit of errors to be found. It's good, it's very creepy, it's disturbing, and very living up to your expectations. Keep writing there, Redwards. Your stories are getting better and better.

    over 1 year ago