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highschool sucks
literally have more books than i have clothes (692>70 - approximately)
distance education
big sister to a tiny demon
best friend is my mum and i'm not ashamed of it
little balls of floffs
depressed gay (pansexual)

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please be gentle with my pieces - many of them are rough first drafts, and are still flowering under the rays of my self-fuelled procrastination. i'm currently working on a larger project (read: completely avoiding it like the plague and doing absolutely nothing with it) so many of these pieces might/will be connected to the same world/characters. i also do suffer from depression and anxiety so if i suddenly disappear or put up ten different pieces in the space of 1 hour, please do understand that my brain hates me and wishes to slowly kill me under its administrations. i am still young and figuring out how to write complete sentences so don't kill me if my pieces should see the fiery depths of hell rather than this website. love, antheia.


October 27, 2018



we are forever
trapped in the forests of
our own minds.
we cut down the
branches that hold
us capture,
only to find more.
the blood of our
fall down off our
cheeks –
the evidence of our
wiped away by the back of our
only us against the world,
we fall prey to the
lies of it.
we fall and we fall and
we fall,
our wings
broken and torn,
unable to fly.
our hands reach out to the
turned backs
pitying faces,
only to come away
nowhere healed.
we become victims of the
rhythm of time,
our hair grey and our
hands useless.
no memories
no family
no one to turn to as the
forest closes in.
no one to remember our
no one to remember us.
we become a forgotten
in a
sea of grief,
the tides lapping away
at us.
we become just another branch
in somebody’s forest,
just another ornament for
time’s mantlepiece.
this was meant to be a piece for the writing prompt 'unconventional' but I've already published piece for it and it seems that i cant publish a second one under the same prompt. so please enjoy this and if you want, comment. but please don't feel pressured do to so. love you all, antheia. 


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  • Anatheia Nyx

    thank you so much Johanna for your comment both to this piece and 'the clouds' song'. logging in and seeing all your feedback on my pieces honestly made my day. i am glad that you enjoy reading my work, and i hope future pieces wont disappoint. i love you for this comment, and will definitely work on reviewing some of your work as soon as possible. love, antheia!

    about 1 year ago
  • Johanna

    Your pieces are so beautiful...

    about 1 year ago
  • Anatheia Nyx

    thank you Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill. i hope for the sake of my sanity to does it, as shall yours hopefully. antheia

    over 1 year ago
  • Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

    May your forest grow and flourish.

    over 1 year ago