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Normally I don't write about love or breakups or anything but this kind of poetic format came to me and I thought it could be good. Let me know what you think; feedback appreciated :)

#booksandbeacheswritingcontest - even the rain

October 26, 2018


he could still feel her spit clinging to his jawline, and then the tip of her nose, warm, as she whispered in his ear.  she had hated him.  she had told him so.  her angry features had blurred his world.  for a fraction of a second, she had cared enough to hate him, and then it was gone.  then she had spit on him, reminding him of his worth. 
he was worthy of her sink, of her coffee cup.  he was worthy of the dust his initials were drawn lovingly into, so long ago... but she had spit on those, too.
he walked to his apartment.  the skies were darkening, and misty rain began to fall, dappling the sidewalks and the oily air.  his coat was soaked, warmly, in the humidity.  tiny droplets ran rivers down his glasses.  they put tears  to his eyes.
her saliva swirled in mixture with the water, grotesque, lovely.
he knew even the rain could not wash it away.
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  • A person

    Hey Paperbird! You recently posted a comment on my 'Choose' piece. I wanted to say thank you for the advice. Though, the novel isn't for any competition and I wasn't planning on rushing it. I just would like an idea of which of the three I should finished first because I have had these ideas for a year or two now and I would really like to finish my first novel.
    Thanks again for the wonderful advice and I will make sure to remember it.
    xxx Alylee03
    P.S. An outstanding description, yet so painful I can feel it. Amazing!

    over 2 years ago
  • books and beaches

    Hi there! Thanks so much for participating in my contest! I wrote a review and hopefully you got it! This is an awesome piece, so keep on writing!

    over 2 years ago
  • SuperKewlKiwi

    Words cannot describe how much this hurt.

    over 2 years ago