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Hope you enjoyed reading this :) It took a while to write, but it was fun, trying out a new style of writing! Any feedback is appreciated, and please do comment, I will read them and respond!

Love, Mina

Dark Soul

November 2, 2018


The dark clouds swirled around me, and my breath hitched as I thought air was being taken away. I closed my eyes against the battering pain, and then I hear my name.“Esmeralda,” came a girl’s voice, so low, I strained to hear. “Esmeralda,” this time she sounded near. A fierce yank, and I was awake; I opened my eyes and peered into the bright sky.
The sun so bright, I begin to think I lost my sight. “What do you see?” said she. “Light,” I replied. I was yanked again, “Look again!” she cried, and to her command, I obliged. From the voice came a body, battered and bruised so severely. She was a soul of no color, composed of light- I winced at her sight.  I turned my face-afraid to look at her bloodied grace.
“Look upon me,” said she, “What do you see?” And there came a word; Agony.
“What is this discomfort, this distress? Who hath put you in this unorderly dress?” The girl she did not answer, she simply stared into my eyes, discovering all the truths I hold, all the lies. She pointed a finger at me, long and strong. “You,” she said, “You inflicted upon me this wrong.”
I blinked, and I stammered, I searched for a clue. “How,” I asked, “I only just met you!” A chuckle, a cackle, came from within; I looked at her face, and saw the start of a grin. “What is so funny?” I said, “What have you not told me?!” She shook her head in a pitiful gesture, “So many questions, so confused are you.” “What do you mean?!” I shouted with rage, “If this is a dream, then wake me up now, or teach me how!”
“Ah,” she said, “But you are too late. For I am you, and this is your fate.” “You’re wrong!” I cried, “This is only a dream! Wake me up, and tell me what this all means!” “You foolish, foolish, girl; can’t you see? This is what you’ve done to me!”
She reaches out her hand, and touches my head, then she disappears and there’s nothing but light. “Where are you? You can’t leave me here!” I shout.

Soon I’m whirling and swirling, and floating like the wind. I feel I’ve been twisted and knotted within, as light begins to pour from my skin.

“Remember!” The voice of the girl said, “Remember who we once were!” At that moment I realize-she has crept inside.  “Devil!”  I scream, “Get out of me!” “But you see,” she laughs, “You’re incomplete without me.” Before I could say anything, a screen appeared; staticy and scratchy like a buffering film.
I watch as the screen melted into shape. There stood a girl, her eyes filled with tears. “That’s me,” I whisper, “Me, back all those years.”  “This is unfair!” Shouted me from the past, her sobbing grew loud, but for long it did not last. “Esmeralda,” came a voice, I know all too well; it was that woman, I’m sure was made from hell. “What do you want?!” Past me spat; “Sit down child,” she said gesturing to the mat. “Why?” I argued, “so you can scold me and beat me, when I’d nothing wrong at all?” She didn’t reply, didn’t move and my skin began to crawl. “What is this?” I demanded, “What game are you playing?” ‘I answer to no one,’ her grin seemed to be saying.
I remember this, bright as day, “Please make this dream go away,” I silently pray. “Hush!” barks the voice inside me. “Demon,” I mumble-I look at the screen as I hear a soft shuffle. I watch as past me sits, a scowl etched across her face, oh so coldly. The woman moves closer, so, so closely; and even now, my hear feels broken and ghostly.
I hold my breath, knowing what comes next. The woman recites the ritual, and guides me though the steps. “Broken things have no place in this world,” she says with bitterness in each word. At that instance, it was the worst thing I could have ever re-heard.
The woman grabs my wrist, in a grip so tight, as she begins to recite, “Make this place holy, make his place right.” “Let go of me! I’m not broken!” I try to fight. The fingers on my wrist grow hard and cold, the skin around, dents in like a mold. “You’re a demon, a devil, a child without worth. You do not deserve to live on this Earth!” The woman seems unnerved by my attempts to restrain. She’s surprisingly strong for her old, skinny frame.
“Please,” I beg the voice inside me, “Please, stop this-I promise to do whatever you wish.” The display before me halts to a pause, the silence tearing at me, with its claws. “You can stop this,” says the voice, “but you only have one choice.”
I’m back in my room, made of metal stalls, staring at the figures on my green painted walls. Was it all a dream? I begin to think, but no it wasn’t because I know what to do; to forever keep away the dark truth.
I rest my head on the wall; a tear drips down my cheek as I begin to bawl. “Why me?!” I cry out in rage, I bang on the wall that serves as my cage.  Soon I fall silent, and pray the evil one can’t hear, for my pathway to freedom, is ever so near.
“Esmeralda!” I hear a familiar voice yell, it’s that woman who wears an innocent veil. She pushes open my door, and stares into my face, “To whomever you were born,” she begins to state, “To them, you surely are a disgrace.” I step a little closer, so we’re only inches apart, “There’s nothing I want more, than to watch you rot.” The woman is taken aback by what I have said. Faster than she can perceive, I flick my dagger. I watch as she stumble, tumble, and stagger. My knife had hit her between the eyes, in the forehead; I know in a minute’s time, she will be dead. Without a moment to waste-I set flames to the place.
I run and run, as fast as I could, in my nose linger the smell of burnt wood. As I run, I think to myself, I finally have killed this witch. Lost in my thoughts, I slip in a ditch. I howl in pain, as I watch blood drip from my knee. Now what is to become of me? I have no place to go, nowhere to call home. This wilderness is where, forever I’ll roam.
“Demon!” I scream to the voice in my dream, “I’ve done what you asked, now what do you need?” “Girl, you should know, I am no demon,” said the voice, “All I want is for both our freedom(s)” “Thing,” I demand, “Tell me what now to do.” “Esmeralda,” the thing said, “you are now someone new.” “I don’t understand, explain!” I demand.
“You had an encounter with me; you killed to be set free, now we must form a harmony.” I shake my head, baffled at the explanation; all these riddles are the cause of my frustration. “Explain this nonsense, form what sort of harmony?” The thing laughs, and I’m surprised she sounds just like me. “I am you,” she says reading my mind. What does this creature want me to find?

The body of the voice comes into view, and the sky grows dark, as if on cue. “Join me; together we will set free all those, with broken souls.” I stand there-fingers raking through my hair. Why me? I want to inquire; she smiles as my heart feels it was set on fire. “What are you doing to me?” I groan in pain. “Together,” she cackles, “We will reign.”
Esmeralda, my human, the outer shell, my body- she knows not of my villainy. But to my command, she obliged, oh so willingly.
If you'd like to see a part 2 of Esmeralda and her Dark friend, like and comment!


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  • AminahMcBina

    @Quille and Kitty
    I'll see what I can do :)

    over 2 years ago
  • _________

    Definitely would like to see part 2!

    over 2 years ago
  • SomeFormOfWriting

    This is such a cool piece, and I reviewed it as requested! <3

    over 2 years ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Lol Kitty, I'll see if I can get that done. It might take a while, as I usually stick to short poems, and if it's a story, I don't usually write my stories as poems.

    almost 3 years ago
  • Kitty Cheshire

    Part 2! Part 2! Part 2!!! *continually chants*

    almost 3 years ago