Peer Review by Aarushikrishnan (United States)

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A Poet's Ouroboros

By: purplepanache


I wrote a poem once
A harbinger of my arrival
Soil drowned in ink
I watched it gasp for brearh
Soil drowned in blood
A harbinger of my departure
I wrote a poem once.

this poem is cyclic. It can be read from bottom to top or the other way round. Or it can be read continuously both ways till my words wind themselves around your mind like a hungry basilisk.

Peer Review

EVERYTHING! I couldn't find a single fault; the wording, flow, and syntax is all pristine.

I would love to know what inspired you to write this. Its a novel idea, and you executed it perfectly.

Reviewer Comments

Reading this was an honor. I would like to thank you for writing it, and I feel that I can express everything I feel in one fittingly cyclic word-