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My name is Ella, my game is... writing! I love to write about nature, and I always aim to create a real mood in my writing, whether it be that warm fuzzy feeling, or a tense, and foreboding one :)

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If you are ever reading one of my pieces and don't understand, or just want to provide some advice, feel free to comment. I am always looking for ways to improve and create more emotion in my writing.

Ragged Joy

January 18, 2016


Rubble shifted and rolled, "click, click, click" down the cloud-smothered mountain. Its lone peak stabbed the sky, like a jagged and rusting knife into a pool of crystalline water. There was a flicker of movement, way up, through the fog, and the tumble of ragged clouds. A man stood, his hands in the air, his billowing black hair whipping around his face to sting his wind-blown cheeks. His triumphant yells were consumed by the cloud - no-one else could hear them, but they filled his lonely and struggling heart with a happiness that only comes with the greatest achievements. 


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