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Was born in a small US town and has always loved reading and writing. Was inspired by JK Rowling to start writing. Was diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and went through chemotherapy in 2015. All is good now. Loves fall and winter and their holidays.

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For the Corner Writing Club's big competition, please please tell me what you think!

Mock Me, Hit me, Shatter Me, Rise #cwccompetition

January 9, 2019


Clomp clomp.
The whispers of secrets
hitting the light
Like horse hooves on cobblestone.

Clomp clomp.
The Pattering footsteps
whooshing of wheels
Olden carriages of pain.

Clomp clomp.
Laughter and chattering
Insults are made
A horse's face with despair.

Mock me.

Thwack thwack!
Arrow in the shoulder
Crack in the heart
Orders from the darkness.

Thwack thwack!
Slapsticks from the lifeline
Whips from the phone
Forced development of rage.

Thwack thwack!
Fear is taking over
Life has lost hope
A soul is in destruction.

Hit me.

Neigh. Neigh.
With desperate searches
And feeling lost
Only one answer is found.

Neigh. Neigh.
Feelings of fright and tears.
Gone are the years
Happiness is mistaken.

Neigh. Neigh.
The one final second.
Only one breath.
Please release me from my chains.

Shatter me.




The Truth is always harder.
Pain comes from the heart.
Guilty are the wounded
Who fell.

But still we rise.
Based off of this image:
I took the lighting of the image to mean a sadness so this piece is a representation of bullying and the effect it can have on people. The narrator is bullied for his horse-like looks and eccentric demeanor. I think you can infer the rest.


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  • Quille

    Awesome! Good luck with the competition! :DDD

    11 months ago
  • LyraLynne

    Thanks! And I just noticed that I forgot to link the image, my mistake! Here it is:

    11 months ago
  • Ryder

    Wow! that is impressive!

    11 months ago