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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

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I finally got around to make da chapter you've been waiting for "hopefully" yep and no use of Google drive this time YAY
Well allons y til next time I guess..

Reality to Equestria chapter 4

January 18, 2016


"Rarity are you certain this is the best choice of outfit?" I was wearing a flashy sparkly pink hoodie with a purple up beat skirt 
"Well I thought it would look good on you and ponies can't see your Pegasus wings " "rarity I like it but that's not the point I need to be hidden in the shadows unnoticeable casual ordinary" "it pains me to stoop the fashion sense so low but if the customer wants what it wants so be it" a smile slowly formed on my face"thank you rarity how can I ever repay you" "for one thing take the first outfit I picked out for you because I would die if that outfit goes to waste I mean it was like it was made for you"  I changed into the next outfit I was wearing a hat with a police box on it and a bowtie with a trench coat "rarity" "yes?" "Next outfit please"
"Onix" "wadda say" "on it" it took me almost a hour until rarity finally found a none flashy and good looking outfit that covers my wings and horn "it's perfect" it was a black hood with gems trailing the end of it and sliver pearl shoes "raritys idea " "I suggest going to fluttershy`s cottage next because pinkie will be to craz hype and rainbow will want to test your speed if she finds out you have wings " "rarity stand back" "why?" "I am gonna cast a spell" "oh ok it's not like I am of any importance anymore " rarity mumbled "I could've just finish my clients dress by now but noo snobbish royalty with bad fashion sense needs help oh what a great idea what's next my gala dress is gonna be overdue talk about a nightmare" rarity walked out of the room I rolled my eyes and started the spell again magic swirled around me and the entire room a white light flashed and I found myself in the middle of a room "la la laaa ahhhhhhh" I heard a shriek I turned around the yellow horse screamed "ahhh a burglar somebody save me" "fluttershy it's o-" "how do you know my name? Please don't harm the critters take anything you want please just don't hurt the critters" "fluttershy first off I am not a burglar second off rarity to me to come here third off-" I took off my hood "I am a alicorn I promise you fluttershy I come in peace I swear to Lauren Faust I won't hurt best pony" "you...your a alicorn? " "yes fluttershy I am " "but I have a question what is this best pony thing?" "I don't know I think I made it up you see through my eyes your best pony and lunas best princess " "but why?" "Its hard to explain but you need to pinkie promise me to not tell twilight I am here" "of course I cross my heart and hope to fly and stick a cupcake in my OW!" "are you ok flutters?" "He I forgot only pinkie can withstand the pain in the eye" "do you need some ice?" "No no no it's fine " "are you sure cause it's starting to swell" "oh no I forgot to wash my hooves after cleaning the animals!" "Are you certain I can't help?" "Uh how about you take care of the critters for me while I am at the hospital oh how could I be so careless be back in a sec Angel " Angel was stomping his foot repeatedly waiting for her to come back "hey it's not her fault she has to go to the hospital if you were in THAT same situation she would would be flying as fast as rainbow to help you so just chill and if you ask me you act more like the devil than a angel" angel look towards ny direction and gave me the middle finger and walked away there was a knock on the door "ummm hello fluttershy are you home it's Terry we meet at the save a critter animal shelter as you were passing out fliers to help the business hello?well I guess she's not ho-" I opened the door "do I know you? Tell me Terry what is your full name?" "My a unicorn caretaker well we must've met somewhere probably on the computer ummm my name is Terien Pixelcraft is there a chance we play minecraft together because you look very familiar...." "I get that a lot so wanna come in" "I don't know if I should go into fluttershy house without her there..." "she told me to take care of the animals while she is gone " "where did she go?" "To the hospital " "oh my poor thing maybe I should go..." "I need your help" "why?" "I don't know how to take care of animals..."


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