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Star Wars- Explosions, recurring plots, what else?

January 18, 2016

After Disney announced the release of a new Star Wars movie, many began to give negative feedback on Disney’s venture in the making of this film. True enough, the people’s scepticism were justified.

The story takes place decades after Darth Vader’s death, and Luke Skywalker, the previous hero, has gone missing and the only way to find him is by gathering the map pieces he has left behind. Unfortunately, the rebels and new evil superpower “The First Order” is competing for the map to find Luke for various reasons.

The plot of the movie is a mish mash of various parts of the previous six movies. A random female scavenger on a forsaken planet who could control a huge amount of force, and the final mission that resembles the debut of Anakin Skywalker? A coincidence? It is not. The lack of plot originality kills the movie in an attempt to make some fans nostalgic about the previous 6 movies to cover up the severe plot holes in the film.

The development of each character in this movie is done poorly. Filled with terrible one-two liners and a dry sense of humour, the characters show themselves as shallow beings who only know the way of destruction. The sudden feeling of guilt of killing someone is quickly dealt with as the main characters leave a path of destruction in their wake.  The initial development of romance between the hero and the heroine is done in a laughable way, only to have the development halted in order to destroy more things. The director, J.J. Abrams, depends on the character development done in the previous 6 films for the recurring characters. Even so, the repeat characters have different characteristics from the previous 6 movies.
Majority of the fights in the movie were not in the least bit exhilarating or intense; it has failed to introduce the suspense and anxiety of the people involved in the conflict due to the poor lighting and camera angles. The main characters lack heroism as they adopt the cowards strategy in the fights; they run and hide behind cover while taking the occasional pot-shots which miraculously hit the enemy. These battles did not bring out the internal fight of courage and fear in the main characters.

Not only was the fighting done poorly, the introduction of several characters were haphazardly done. The main characters met up because “the situation calls for it”. The characters from other movies also suddenly pop up because “Why not?” These characters that appear without proper integration appear to be busybodies who stick their noses into the awful business between the two warring sides.

Overall, this shoddy movie is like a pie without filling; looks fulfilling but eventually having no new or promising content.


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