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By: Doktor Habit


"Rojo! Wake up!"
"Wake me when I'm dead."
Verde huffed. What excuse does this scarlet fellow have to laze around in bed all day? None, none at all! The green man snatched the blankets from off of Rojo, prompting a series of angry growls and quiet swearing.
"You'll be LATE for BREAKFAST! Giallo's cooking and you know how good of a cook he is!"
"Let me starve."
"Lazy! Always lazy, you are! Fine, FINE, starve then!" Verde stomped out of the room. God, the red man thought, what a theatre kid. Rojo mentally battled with himself and settled on how he should probably get SOMETHING to eat. He half-dragged himself out of bed and got dressed before heading to the dining hall.
Not everybody was awake yet. Rojo knew this on entering. He could smell Giallo cooking from the kitchen and cracked a small smile. For how annoying that sun-colored man could be, he can cook a damn fine meal. He looked at the table. The only people there were Oren and Bleu. Why Bleu had picked such a simple name for himself was still beyond the others. Bias took over, and Rojo took a seat next to Oren. He left a chair open between them so he could prop his legs up. Now, Oren was not someone you'd want to mess with. The man had 'the strength and the body of a lumberjack' in the words of Indie. Bleu was tip-tapping away on his laptop, most likely writing like he usually was. He had headphones in, playing quiet lo-fi music.
"What'd Giallo put on the menu this morning?" Rojo asked.
"I'd guess pancakes."
"Verde drag you out, too?" Oren snickered.
"Yes, yes..Ahaha. I believe he got into the coffee again."
The two broke into hearty laughter. Bleu rolled his eyes and turned his volume up.
Everything was going just great. Oren and Rojo were chatting it up, Giallo was cooking up breakfast in peace, Bleu was writing..the house was almost totally quiet for a while. Soon, Indie came and sat down, waiting for their older brother.
"Hey, kiddo," Oren began. "where's 'Retto?"
"Ah, uh..I think he's still asleep." 
Just then, from the hallway, a booming voice could be heard.
"God damn it," Rojo muttered, openly expressing his frustration.
Verde marched Baioretto into the room despite his struggles and thrashing. He forcibly sat the fellow down next to Indie and went to sit by Bleu and Oren. However, growling slightly, Rojo moved over to the open seat he propped his legs up on to get beside Oren. Verde sighed heavily and sat next to Rojo and where Giallo was going to be.
"So," the green lad started, a toothy smile on his face, "how is everyone this morning?"
"Tired out of our wits, because of your INSUFFERABLE behavior!" Baioretto stood and slammed his hands on the table. Indie lightly tugged at his sleeve. He hesitantly sat back down.
"Why-- INSUFFERABLE?! You take that back!" Verde stood as well, glaring knives at the self-proclaimed royalty. Rojo began beating his fists on the table, chanting 'FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!' continuously. Oren soon joined in. Bleu, mumbling to himself, left the table. Meanwhile, a long, crooked grin formed on Baioretto's face. Despite Indie's protests, he rose to his feet and returned the glare.
Verde vaulted over the table, roaring a loud war cry and tackling the other to the floor. Uproarious cheering could be heard from Rojo and Oren as the two broke out into a fist-fight on the floor, throwing profanities and insults at eachother. Indie shuffled back towards their room. Just then, Giallo opened the kitchen door, a tray full of plates delicately balanced on one hand.
"Alright, guys. Hope you like pancakes-- oh my god, again?" He carefully sidestepped the fighting duo and placed a plate for Rojo and Oren (who had, fortunately, stopped slamming their hands on the table as to not end up hitting Giallo or the plates,) placed two aside for Verde and Baioretto, then headed to the hall to find the other two. The two warm colors chatted and joked over pancakes for a while. Eventually, Baioretto and Verde grew tired and reluctantly sat down to eat. Giallo returned to the table and sat down with a plate of his own.
"What sparked them up this time?"
"Verde woke him up early. Got excited you were cooking." Oren shrugged and took a bite of pancake. "I don't blame him. Shit's good."
"But a KING needs a good 7 hours of sleep!" Baioretto kicked backwards in his chair, talking at a volume that annoyed the shit out of everybody nearby. Rojo came up with a snarky reply. A mean smirk appeared on his face.
"May wanna shoot for eight."
Baioretto stumbled for a witty comeback. He got nothing. He huffed loudly, shooting up from his chair and knocking his plate off the table like an angry cat and walking out of the room.
"Man," Giallo mumbled through pancakes, "what an asshole."
"Right?" Rojo turned his head towards Giallo, grinning. "Someone ought to knock him down a peg. Oren, you're tough! You could TOTALLY beat him into the ground!"
Oren chuckled quietly, almost bashfully, as if flattered.
Rojo threw an arm around Oren, still grinning, wider this time.
"You TOTALLY could! You're the toughest guy I know, man!"
"I'm the toughest guy I know too." The two broke into loud laughter again. Giallo smiled softly. He always loved seeing his friends get along, and this definitely wasn't an exception. He stood up to return to the kitchen to put his plate in the sink. He could still hear the two chatting and cackling over their stupid jokes from the dining hall. The two KNEW the jokes were stupid-- that's precisely what makes them so funny. 
The day passed by quickly. Rojo came home from a club late and passed out on the couch. Oren wound up bringing the scarlet fellow to his room out of pity. Giallo wound up having a stern chat with Verde about his habit of waking everybody up that early. Bleu finished what he was writing and proceeded to play video games for the rest of the day. Indie and Baioretto watched movies to soothe the self-proclaimed royalty's rage (and, fortunately, it worked.) 
So is another day in the ROYGBIV household.

Peer Review

The conversations in this piece delighted me, because the interactions were so real! I was surprised when I realized that the characters were based off the colours of the rainbow.

I think this writing was an astounding piece of work. I see nothing that needs changing.

Reviewer Comments

I LOVED reading this, it was fun! I'd love to see a part 2 of the ROYGBIV Household!