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While you're here, would you mind reviewing one of my pieces of tra- I mean poems?
"When despair reigns, a single hope is carried on white wings!"
-NO. 39: Utopia
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February 14, 2019


It's the comfort I find in my games.
A wooden piece can't look at you with the same disbelief
As a person can when you make a mistake.
It can't look at you with horror when you blunder your queen.
1. d4 d5 2. c4
The Queen's Gambit may change in analysis and ideas
But those first three moves remain.
Check may be a threat of checkmate, but even in the end
The two monarchs shake hands in agreement of the decision.
One side wins fair and square.
The same goes for card games.
For example, Magic: the Gathering.
The designers of that glorious game make cards for every type of player.
Timmy, Johnny, Spike, Mel, and Vorthos.
It's gotten to the point where it feels like they design cards for Dawn too.
The strategy is just as comforting.
You might draw the card you need to win, you might not.
But regardless, if you don't win
You know one of two things:
Either you did something
Or your opponent is stronger by a large margin.
But when you mess up in life
When you lose
You can never be quite sure where you went wrong
You can never take it back
But akin to the games
All you can do is analyze to see what might have been
Unlike them, however
It matters.



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