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My name is Ella, my game is... writing! I love to write about nature, and I always aim to create a real mood in my writing, whether it be that warm fuzzy feeling, or a tense, and foreboding one :)

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Memories of an Aussie christmas

Another Year Gone By

February 4, 2016

Another year gone by, faster than the last. 
The days are longer, hotter and slower, but the weeks go by like the shimmer of a leaf in the morning sun. 
December starts sluggishly. 
The memories of classes, of teachers, of assignments and tests, all washed away by the blissful call of a magpie at 10 in the morning, I can finally sleep in. 
The start of school is further than the end, no need to worry, no need to rush. 
My body sub-consciously prepares itself for the rush of the festive season. 
December is busy shopping centres, gifts hidden haphazardly under the bed, the snap of sticky tape and the rustle and rip of rolls of wrapping. 
December is the musty smell of a fake Christmas tree, and a happy squint of the eyes at memories of holiday's past. 
December is two weeks spent on the sand, stumbling, dripping and content out of the rumbling ocean. 
December is not the wonder of a white Christmas, but the lazy breeze that blows away the humidity and the heat. 
December is pavlova and roast chicken, bonbons and paper crowns, family and friends and the splash of children racing to the pool. 
A call at 9 at night from family abroad, listening to tales of snow and cold. 
Presents posted weeks before arrive just in time. 
The heat we feel is not from the crackle of flames but from burning rays of sun. Its easy to appreciate our ozone layer in December. 
I love the thickness of the air, the grass that crunches brown under bare feet, the constant buzz of crickets and the sweat that seems to cling to the skin.
December is the month of late sunsets, and cool drinks.
December is the perfect way to celebrate another year gone by. 
My experience of december here in Australia.

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