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Film Review: The Intern

January 18, 2016

“Experience never gets old” seems to be an apt saying in the new film directed by Nancy Meyers featuring actors Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro who both play the leading roles. The Intern is a comedic film centred around 70-year-old widower, Ben Whitaker, played by De Niro, who applies for a senior citizen intern programme when he discovers that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

He applies as a senior intern as an online fashion site called About the Fit, an extremely fast growing e-commerce fashion company, whose founder and CEO, Jules Ostin, is played by Anne Hathaway. Jules plays a workaholic who is very passionate about the company which she has developed from scratch by herself.

Ben is assigned to work with Anne who is doubtful of him initially but with Ben’s likeable character and initiative to help wherever he can, he soon wins her as well as his fellow co-workers over. Ben becomes somewhat of a father figure to his younger colleagues. An unorthodox friendship blossoms between Robert and Anne as he helps her to overcome numerous struggles that she faces in both her work environment as well as in her family. Robert becomes Anne’s confidant and with his lifetime of experience helps to guide her through her struggles.

De Niro is able to bring his character, Ben Whitaker to life with his old but jovial acting. He gives off positive vibes and comes across to the audience as a caring fatherly figure which he is able to depict through the way he communicates, takes care and advises his younger co-workers in the film. Anne Hathaway is able to bring out the raw emotions that her character goes through throughout the duration of the film. She conveys perfectly the emotional rollercoaster and strength that her character holds as she goes through difficult and pressuring times. Even if both characters are going through hardships in the film, with their acting, they are able to carry out a constant comedic and happy feel.

The Intern causes you to cry and laugh and appeals to the young, the old, to all ages. Nancy Meyers is able to captivate the emotions, struggles and hardships that the characters go through in a light-hearted manner and is able to show their growth throughout the film. The film has many moments which will be able to bring you to tears through very touching and humorous scenes. Definitely a must to watch!


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