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Y'know, I really hope I can pull off the cool mysterious deep writer persona. That'd be sick.

Message to Readers

My old writing feels rough but this is about someone I miss and love dearly.

Four Feet

April 26, 2019


Leaky eyes,
A condition I suffer from severely. 
My heart taking control of my body and expressing itself on the outside.
I mourn the one I've lost. 
I tell a story.
A story about a girl and all her sorrows.
Such a typical, unoriginal, "oh here we go again" story.
But it's mine, and that's why others value it.
Individuality is what makes us interesting. 
But those weighed down by their heavy weights, wrapped around them like chains
Hide in the shadows, sorting through their stuffy minds.
Like looking for a hairpin in a mothers purse. 

Each tear drop tells a little part of the story. 
Sobs full of worry, regret, doubt, and anxiety.
But all I want is to find my answers.
Find my lost soul.
Tired of looking.
Tired of waiting.
Ready to take action.
My leaky eyes blur my vision, I need to wipe away the water and look at a clear picture.
My future, the path ahead of me,
But how can I when I feel so lost without my other half beside me.
They're gone.
I have to find them. 


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