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That's Enough

October 25, 2018


Bounded by walls of maraging steel,
Hey bully, you don’t know how I feel.
Your words are harsh, penetrating and rough,
Hey bully, that’s enough!
Weeping and sobbing in distress,
Hey bully, you’ve made my life a mess.
I don’t understand all this stuff,
Hey bully, that’s enough!
Your gnarly eyes and wicked cries are daunting,
Hey bully, everything around seems haunting,
But you better stop your huff and puff,
Cause’ hey bully, that’s enough!
You make me feel the scent of a gargantuan horror,
But hey bully, if you continue you’ll be cattle fodder.
The only way for you to not get into handcuffs,
Is to stop cause’ hey bully, that’s enough!
You’ve made me wince in excruciating pain,
And hey bully, if you don’t put a grinding halt to this game,
I will tell the world about your sough,
Cause’ hey bully, this is no more kids stuff, this is enough!


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