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January 19, 2016

    Like most mystery movies "Now You See Me" leaves the audience wondering, as if they were watching a real magic show. These are not your ordinary magicians that perform at children's birthday parties; instead of pulling out bunnies out of their hat, they’re show stopper is robbing a bank. An illusionist (Jesse Eisenberg), an escape artist (Isla Fisher), a hypnotist (Woody Harrelson), and a pickpocket (Dave Franco) join together to form the Four Horsemen (a magic group). By the end of their first performance, the audience is ecstatic because the Four Horsemen had robbed a Parisian bank and gave the money to the audience. In all reality who wouldn’t want to watch that show? This stunt of theirs leaves an FBI agent (Mark Ruffalo) and an Interpol detective (Mélanie Laurent) assigned to this robbery case. Failing at finding any evidence on this magic group rising in fame, they reach out to a past magician (Morgan Freeman) who ended up devoting the rest of his life to revealing the logic behind magic tricks. The law enforcements might be hot on their trails but the Four Horsemen have something better than luck… magic.
    Director Louis Leterrier does an incredible job at leaving the audience pondering and intrigued. When you think that the characters are in a predicament that they can not escape from, they use one of the many cards up their sleeves. The explanation to the magic tricks and escape routes were well planned out and fits in perfectly with the plot. Getting into character did not appear to be a problem for the actors since their emotions and facial expressions were straight on throughout the whole film. The storyline was fascinating and led to a big AHA moment at the end. The sound of snoring did not take place in the theater at all times. Because of the sarcastic characters, there were some comedic moments throughout the film that left the theater chuckling. There were many moments where the audience was left wondering “How did they do that?” "Now You See Me" is definitely a film where popcorn is needed to well accompany it, maybe even a favorite candy. I can say for myself that the movie left me not only on the edge of my seat but also hoping for a sequel to come out and luckily it will on June 10, 2016.
    It’s incredible how kids would be fascinated by the coin behind ear trick, "Now You See Me" leaves this same impression on the audience. Even though magic shows are normally for children, this movie is rated PG 13,meant for people 13 and up, but kids 12 and under can watch if accompanied by an adult. I would definitely recommend this movie to others, especially to magicians, people interested in magic, people that like the Franco brothers and  to people that would like to be amazed and intrigued. Out of 10 magic wands I would rate this movie a 9 because I would absolutely watch it again, there was not a second where I regretted spending 115 minutes seated in one of those movie chairs, the characters were appreciable, and the plot was enchanting. After watching this movie, people will definitely have a different view on magicians.

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