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Tired and angsty teen who expresses herself through her words.
A hopeless romantic.
Someone who doesn't really fit in.
70's and 80's rock are my true calling.
Ask me what I'm thinking and I will tell you everything.

Message to Readers

I want you to envision the stranger as a person who you think is kind and caring. Thanks for reading, comment and review!!!

What's Your Sin?

October 24, 2018


    I looked up from the corner as the stranger came up to me. "How can I help you, sir?" I asked.
    "Just wanted to know if you were alright mam'' he responded. His eyes were a vibrant green, with shaggy blond complementing his features.
    "I'm fine. Thank you for asking." I replied. His gaze wandered down to my neck, eyes widening when he saw the mark of a sin on my collarbone.
    After several seconds he asked, "If you don't mind, do you think you could tell me your sin?"
    I chuckled, feeling the tears well up in my eyes. "I fell in love, with the wrong person, at the wrong time, and in the wrong place."
    His eyes softened and he placed a hand on my elbow. The words he said next shocked me to the core, "I'm sorry, but I hope you know, love is always worth it." With that said he bid me farewell and walked away. I never forgot that man, and his words lived with me forever. 
    The mark on my collar symbolized falling in love with an emeiy, and a tyrant. A heart with black angel wings.


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