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To Writing Immortal Stories

By: tchnclr_wrds

PROMPT: Why I Write

I was seven years old when I started writing.
It was all for fun.
I could be writing a funny fictional story about an ant,
or greeting my mom a "happy birthday"—
it was everything in between.
It always started with a story to tell,
and maybe I do have stories to tell.
All I knew was that I was talkative back then,
and that I needed to be expressed.

I was twelve when I knew I enjoyed writing.
I kind of began to take it seriously.
I joined a journalism club back in elementary school.
I had no idea what journalism meant,
but they said it was about writing,
so of course, the gullible me says, "Count me in!"
At this time, I didn't know that writing would be such a huge part of me.
All I knew was that I enjoyed it,
and that I found enjoyment in words.

I was fifteen when I wrote about how I felt—
Raw emotions of sadness, nostalgia, or happiness,
You could say I was writing about myself or even for myself.
I'd mostly write haikus, because I knew
that I was a woman of few words.
"My Attempts on Writing," my iPhone notepad says,
That's where all my prompts and drafts would go.
All I knew was that writing was a necessity,
And that it was the only way to immortalize my emotions.

I was sixteen when I wrote about you.
Quite stuck in my head, you'd see yourself in my pieces.
I admit, maybe I was writing for you.
I wrote when we fought, laughed, loved,
I wrote when I had you, missed you, lost you;
I guess when a writer adores you, you'll never die.
I wrote and wrote, and as I did, I've realized—
Everything ends, everything leaves, but my words
Are etched on paper—emotions and feelings never to be forgotten.

I am seventeen now, but I still write.
People have given me good and bad memories,
They have mocked me, broken me, attempted to ruin me;
But all I see are opportunities to write about them—
To liven up my dreams and imagination,
To record and experience again all the feelings I've felt, and
To immortalize my consciousness.
All I knew was that to write is to reminisce,
To write is to remember, to write is to perpetuate.

Peer Review

"I guess when a writer adores you, you'll never die. "
I absolutely love this line in your poem. A writer writes about anything that they loves or feel strongly about; that's what make's a piece powerful. This line provides the raw emotions that every single artist has inside their heart.

Your last stanza relates more to readers. As we grow up, people inspire us in both negative and positive ways. Our memories helps us grow stronger and more efficient as a person. Every experience could be dealt with writing it down; creating the most powerful pieces that won't only help the creator but also the audience who are lost.

Reviewer Comments

I'm a little confused on the line, "the gullible me says, "count me in!" Is your younger self gullible for thinking Journalism was easy or what would be in your league? Or does it mean you fell into the trap of writing? At that part I would add one more line to clarify or rewrite the line to make it more understandable.