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Life Can Be Good

By: Kitty Cheshire


Bright colors bleed across the canvas,
Forming light, happiness, and peace,
The color painting memory after memory,
Tainted bright and light as can be,
I don't pretend to know true happiness,
But I believe that it's out there somewhere,
Waiting for me,
I wish that I could say that life's good times and sunshine,
But that'd be a lie,
Life has it's perks it's up's and it's down's,
But if we stick with it,
It won't let us down,
I wish I could say that happiness is a constant,
However, it's not,
And I wouldn't want it to be.

This my attempt at a positive poem though I'm not very good I'm sure. Enjoy!

Message to Readers

If you think of a title you think would suit it better, please let me know. Other then that the usual.

Peer Review

The entire poem moved me, because knowing you, Kitty , writing a "positive poem" isn't your thing. However, I think you did very well on this piece, and I'm seriously moved by your line, "I wish I could say that happiness is a constant."

I believe poetry is a way of telling a story without using too many words. Being that this is a poem, with so much emotion, no idea needs to be deepened.

Reviewer Comments

Always keep writing, Kitty!