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October 23, 2018

PROMPT: Why I Write

I write for those who cannot
I write for the ones too afraid
The ones silenced, 
The ones that don't know how,
The ones that never will.

I write to show the world that no one is alone,
I write to say the things no one will listen to
Because maybe
Just maybe,
Some one will read it instead.

I write because when I do I am no longer just sixteen,
I write to feel the world in my hands,
To bring to life the worlds in my head.
I write because that is how to make people listen.

No longer am I a small girl in a big world, 
I write as tribute to the big voice in my brain,
I write to overpower the voices speaking in lies and riddles,
I write to speak love and compassion and acceptence

In the end, isn't that why we all write?


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