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Hello! I try to be interesting. My age is always changing for the worse so I won't include it. I love reading and writing, pretty much everything but fantasy (mainly fairies). I have a blog about writing:

Why I Write

October 23, 2018

PROMPT: Why I Write

  Writing has always compelled me, it's just been something that I've always done... But why? Why do I write? That's something I have to dig deep to find, something that doesn't have just one answer.
  Is it because I need a creative outlet? That's what I say a lot, what a lot of writers say a lot. That isn't it. I dance, dance is a creative outlet and yet I still need to write. Not to mention that drawing, painting, music, all those other things have no appeal to me. Writing isn't a creative outlet, not in whole. 
  Is it a vent? A way to get rid of all the emotions I keep locked up, that have no other way to come out? In part, maybe it is. Writing is calming, centering. Writing makes life fall away and I only live in my book world. But that's not it either, because it's the same as the creative outlet, there are other ways I vent, and yet I still need to write. 
  Not a vent, not a creative outlet, somehow a necessity. Yet with no traceable source. 
  Maybe I don't need a source. I just think about how writing makes me feel... Calm, happy, collected. Like unwinding, like a good sleep. Like I'm not alone, even though I am. I have my characters, who I know so well that I know they understand. The fact that they aren't real doesn't matter, I'm not alone. I love building worlds, creating characters, seeing this story grow from nothingness into a beautiful something. I love sharing messages and pieces of myself with other people, to let them know they aren't alone. To share the deepest things in the form of my characters and not be judged, to not have someone ask if I'm doing alright. To experience all these things like romance and adventure and happy endings that I've never had in real life, to live so many other lives through my characters.  
  I write because I love to write. Because it makes me happy, because it makes me feel connected, because I need to write. If I don't write, I notice. I'm not as productive, my grades go down, my mood goes nasty. It's like food, I need to write to live happily and not fall into depression. I don't know why this is, but writing is such a big part of my wellbeing that I need it.   


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