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Hello to everyone who might be reading this..? I'm pretty average, my only redeeming quality is probably that I can write half-decently when I put my mind to it. Sleeping is the love of my life zzzz

Why I Write

November 12, 2018

PROMPT: Why I Write

I write so that one day I might eventually be able to shed some light on the horrible things that have been happening, and so that we can have a reason to believe in the world again. It seems to me that is has become all too easy to see others as less than people. What am I to you? Just another follower, a like on social media, a complement giving piggy bank...? Since when have we stopped being people in other's eyes and rather, a means to an end? Truly, this has to change. 
I write so that I might tell these stories that prove that there is always a bright side to humanity. We are still capable of love, and laughter, and taking of others when they are feeling down, and we should be allowed to express our opinions without being put through a filter. It can be startling to read accounts from real people detailing the horrors they have encountered, so storytelling is a softer way of spreading the same message. 
I write so that I might convey these emotions to people I may never even meet. For although these actions may be fictional, at least acknowledge that the feelings aren't. They bleed just like we do. These characters I have pieced together from things I have seen or experienced? They experience love and hate and sorrow... The only difference is that their life is spread out across these pages for all the world to see. 
I write so that one day, you might pick up a book and realize that many things happen in the world outside of our personal bubbles. Perhaps, you will grow a little reading these stories, or at least come to some realization that the world as it is currently has quite a lot of room for improvement. I want you to learn something through their struggles. I want you to feel. To ache, when you see the words 'The End'. To realize that 'The End' is not the end, for you at least. 
Shall you chose to act, there is always a path to take, however narrow it may be at times. 
This is... why I write. 
I don't know. Is this any good...? 


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  • Made4Love

    Hello to you! :) I love my sleep, too:)
    These are the best reasons to write!
    I love how you said that feelings aren't fictional. And I like the thought that "The End" isn't really the end, and that we can make the decision to act.

    about 1 year ago