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Hi! I'm SunFromAlola, (not aloha) and I'm giving writing a try, mainly because of how much fun I heard it can be from my fellow writer MoonFromAlola. I mainly spend my free time playing video games, such as Minecraft, Pokemon, and Fire Emblem. I hope you enjoy my content, I will probably just work on one project at a time so I'm not overwhelmed. My friends are wonderful... but they can be a bit much at times. Especially when I just want to deal with something I'm going through alone. One of my biggest dreams is to be a Youtuber, I want to make people laugh and smile, and writing can get me part of the way there. ONE MORE THING!!!!! Sometimes I won't post anything for a long time so don't worry, I'm fine I probably just got lazy is all.

MineCrAft: A New Battle, Chapters Eight and Nine

October 24, 2018



Chapter Eight

                                                                                    { }

    Tanner woke up in front of the cave Rain and Five had went in earlier, laying on his back. 

    What happened? He thought.

    He was following Rain and Five a minute ago... what in Notch's name happened? He glanced at the sky, and his mouth dropped in horror at what he saw. He saw... black... a black sky. Not only that, but after a certain distance all the blocks of the world ended, where the only way it would lead was the Void, also surrounded by that black sky. Something went horribly wrong. Tanner rushed back to the College, afraid he could be the only person there.

    He crashed into someone on his way there. 

    Well, at least I'm not the only one here.

    He rubbed his head for a moment, then, forgetting the pain entirely, jumped to his feet. He reached out his hand to the person.

    "You ok?" He asked sincerely. He was shocked when the person lifted their head. It was the girl from before, purple hair, red eyes, purpler dress with some gold on it, same person, same everything.

    She recognized him too. "Where's your friend?" She asked quickly, not showing any hint of the shyness she had before. After a few seconds of silence she realized he was offering to help her up. She gently put her hand in his and he pulled her up, she quickly took her hand out of his afterward.

    He says with a grin, "Which one, the one who was about to attack you or the one who helped me convince the other one not to attack you?" 

    The girl shook her head, "You know what I mean."

    "I was actually getting ready to look for him, him and Five, the guy who was gonna attack you, went into that cave," he points to the cave, "they sensed some sort of... disturbance."

    "Now we're in Limbo..." she mumbled, then she spoke louder, "Come with me." She grabbed him by the arm and was practically dragging him.

    "Wait!" He protested, "I don't even know your name, why should I trust you?"

    She smirked at that, "Oh good, you actually do have some brains. My name is Destiny, and your friend is in danger."

                                                                                        { }

    I woke up to being splashed with a bucket of water. I could have sworn I just had some sort of dream... it was probably nothing. 

    It must have been the time the General had said I would train, because I was laying in the middle of a stone battle arena. The man who said his name was Rain was the one who poured the water on me, he must have also dragged me here.

    "Ready? I'll just give you a few tips before we take you to where you'll live." He said, walking to the other side of the arena.

    I slowly got up, readying myself for what he had planned. "Let's get to it, then." Rain's eyes seemed to widen, I could tell mine did too, it sounded like my voice was more mature than it was only a few hours ago. We both shrugged it off.

    He put on a hood with a gold, phoenix-like symbol on the top of it. He had an icy blade strapped on his back, and honestly, it looked awesome. He gestured toward a rack of swords, I walked over and reached for one. I heard a whirl from behind me and ducked, the rack of swords shattered in an icy blast.

    "Lesson one, never take your eyes off your opponent. But you seem alright." He was right behind me, he must have some good speed. He suddenly flipped the sword over, holding the hilt out to me. "I have an idea. Try and beat me with my blade, while I fight you with a normal steel one." 

    "Sounds like a fun idea." I responded, gently grabbing the icy blade. Rain picked up one of the steel swords from the ground and walked toward the other side of the arena. I decided to pick up one of the steel swords and throw it at him. He ducked and it flew past him.

    "Is this my own lesson tossed back at me?" He said, still walking to the other side.

    "You could say that." 

    He turned around and lifted his blade between his eyes. "This is a form of honor before a fight, not many people do it but it's nice to do so when you're not fighting for your life." 

    "Let's hope neither of us lose ours, this is just for practice." I said.

    He nodded. I lifted the icy blade between my eyes too, we both let our blades fall to our sides, waiting for the other to make the first move.

    I ran forward, I could tell he was prepared for that, so I pivoted to the right when he seemed prepared to block a blow from me. But he swiped his blade in my direction, ready for when I pivoted, I blocked it, but he was stronger than I was, the icy blade was knocked out of my hands, but not before the collision of it and the steel blade caused an icy blast, sending both of us flying.

    Rain groaned, "I didn't know it could do that before." We both started laughing.

    "Does that mean this is a tie?" I joked.

    "In a true fight, it's kill or be killed, if both opponents kill each other, that's a loss, if you get killed, that's a loss, if your opponent dies, that's a win." He recovered his seriousness. "Have you learned from this?"

    "Yeah, no matter who your opponent is, expect them to know what you're about to do and have a plan if they do, which I didn't." I responded.

    "Good." He said, "Then that concludes this training session. The place we plan on having you live isn't exactly... reachable at the time, we have to wait for a day or two. So until then, you'll be staying with our lead Scientist. Just whatever you do, if she asks you to hold two objects in your hands, don't do it." 

    "I'll keep that in mind. Since you're talking about this, I assume you're taking me there now?" I asked.

    He nodded. "Follow me." He then walked past me, towards the exit of the arena, I followed behind, eager to meet this person.

Chapter Nine

    Rain led me to a backstreet alley where there was a door with an extremely complicated lock. Rain simply... opened the door.

    "The best lock is the kind that is created by your mind." He said to me. He stepped inside and gestured me to come in as well. I did as he wanted me to. The inside wasn't too shabby, there was an oak wood counter with a tree planted in a pot. I saw a red couch with some bedding placed on it, that must be where I'm sleeping. A woman in a white lab coat rushed in from the back of the home, she had blue hair and blue eyes. 

    "Ah, you must be Rain." She said, nodding toward me.

    Rain was next to speak, "Rain, this is Lady Azura, our lead Scientist."

    I bow my head. "It's a pleasure to meet you." 

    Lady Azura shook her head, "No need for formalities, child, I'll be taking care of you for the next few days."

    Rain turned toward me. "Well, I'm off. Good luck." And then he left the way he came.

    "Make sure to lock the door!" Azura called to him.

    "Oh, I will." Rain yelled back with a wink. They must have a thing where they talk about the lock like it's a real lock loud enough that anyone hears. Rain then closed the door behind him on his way out.

    "You're just in time, I have an experiment I could use a hand with!" She ran into the back for a moment, a few seconds later she came back with two ominous wires. "Just hold these two wires in your hands, one in each!" 

    I skeptically looked at the wires, remembering what Rain hold told me from before. She shook them, obviously wanting me to hold them, so I reluctantly did so. 

    She ran over to a computer. "Keep holding them! Just... try not to flinch." She hit a button and I felt a surge of electricity run through me. I tried my hardest not to flinch, and considering nothing went wrong, I think I didn't. A skeleton came up on the computer. "So basically, what I did was that those two wires sent an electromagnetic pulse through your body, sending my computer a diagram of what your skeleton is like. You can just toss those wires on the counter." 

    I put the wires on the counter as she said. "Why would you want a diagram of my skeleton?"

    "Just to analyze how other skeletons are different and if I can detect any bone fractures. You seem clear though."

    I looked at the couch. "Is the couch for me?" 

    "No, that's for me." She looked up at me and laughed at the shock on my face. "I don't always sleep on the couch, don't worry." 

    I yawned. "It's been a rough day. I think I'm going to get some rest." 

    She nodded. "I'm going to do some more work. Your room is in the back, you'll know which one it is." 

    "Thank you for your hospitality."

    "Any time."

    I walked to the back of the home, the back area was filled with a lot more technology than the front. One room had a bed next to a window, must be my room then. The moment I lay down on the bed I fell asleep, not even the sounds of Azura working bothered me. I wonder where they're going to have me live that is time dependent.

    Only time will tell.


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