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People Are Nice

October 23, 2018


When will you understand, people are nice
They’re nice to you, they always are
even when they fly their flags
to degrade someone’s murdered ancestors
and panic when a man kneels
We can all have opinions
We’re all so nice these days
why do kids have to complain
about when silver flashes in their schools
and the fire alarm warns them
to stay inside, safe with the flames
Not like a little heat hurt anyone
People are good these days
you have to trust the people on the train
have to say no to the guy to your right
more firmly, more firmly, he’ll be nice
if you weren’t drunk we’d all be nicer
Everyone’s nice these days.
And that shout from a drive by?
Could be a bullet, could be a compliment
let’s distinguish between the two
before it hits between your eyes
They didn’t mean to hurt you
so stop talking like it hurt you
You’re entitled, that’s what you are
what do you have to insult?
Your friends drop like fruit flies
and the death toll rises to millions
We needed a plague anyway.
Be glad people are nice.


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1 Comment
  • ALangford

    love this, there are so many different layers & subtleties

    over 2 years ago