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Carpe Noctem

October 23, 2018


I am a child of the moon and stars
Seeker of the moments lost
By those who fail to cease the night
"Carpe Noctem"
I scream to the world
In a dead language
In the dead of night
Surrounded by the magic of night
Mood higher than a kite
Absolutely whimsical
Time lost to the exclusive club
Of those who seek the infinite
The legends of ballads
Feet moving to their own rhythm
Strands of hair
Floating through the air
Eyes closed
Arms a tangle of free movement
Who's to stop me?
From every word that fills the space between us
The actions that we know will be forgotten by the morning
Grab my hand
Feel the softness of my fingertips
The warmth of my soul
Let's live 'til the morning
And repeat it all again
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