I just realized

January 18, 2016



Dec. 26 (23:23)

You were there when I needed asking stupid questions. You were there when I needed advice. You never misjudged me but also never much cared (at least now I know). You made me believe that there could be something, you even yourself believed it was so. But then you just stopped at the pick of the brick, fading to the point where we never me(e)t. 
Vanishing, destined never to speak. 

It hurt, missing you. For the first time sincere. 

A year past by and I didn't think of you anymore. 

But then;
by meeting your eyes on the lonely sidewalk at night, there came the last and so painful dart in my heart 
and as if not enough, you twist it and turn it by looking away; basically saying:
"Sorry but I simply don't care".

It was then that I realized I was never even an option.


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