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Hey Y'all, I'm Amelia and I love to write (obviously) I also love to dance and love cats. My favorite food is sushi and I write for freedom. Freedom to help myself and others. My Best friend is Ella and I love all things nature!


October 23, 2018

PROMPT: Why I Write

I write when i'm stressed or when i'm calm.
I write when I'm happy or when I'm sad.
I write to forget and I write to forgive.
I write in the day or I write at night.
Every story tells a story for why it's here today

I write because of anxiety when I need to put things in words.
I write to imagine when my world is plain and the same
I write to warn of the dangers coming
I write for myself and myself only
But Every Story tells a Story for why it's here today

Why do you Write?
People Question
I write for freedom I say.
I have freedom to write what I want when I want,
Each for a different reason.
Each for relief and each for light.
I could write in the pale moonlight
I have the freedom to write,
The freedom to help myself with problems
And the freedom to help others when I write.
Because I write for freedom
And every story tells a story of why it's here today
Poetry isn't my best but I gave it a shot!


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