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October 23, 2018


1. I tend to be very emotional. Thanks to some OC angst with a pal o' mine, I can't listen to a song anymore without crying at the 2:15 mark. (Song is DEATHKID - HOLY.) I often end up blaming myself for something that I was never even involved in if I'm in a bad headspace, and I can't take venting very well, as much as I hate to acknowledge it. I want to help, but it hurts, ya know?

2. I'm a simple man. A character has sharp teeth, I'm gay as hell

3. I hate the nickname hunny bunny for reasons. Just brings back bad memories of someone I used to date, ya knooow

4. I 100% plan on visiting the boy I'm dating someday and I 100% plan on moving in with him given the chance.

5. I can't draw hugging.

6. My favorite characters to write are probably Soleil and Lune. 
I h


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  • AminahMcBina

    (1): *Pats your shoulder* I'm emotional too ;p
    (2): Everyone's their own person, be you, be proud!
    (3): Haha I can't stand certain cringey nicknames either, like Pookie and Snookums *ugh*
    (4): Wish you all the best!
    (5): Watch Markcrilley :D He's the best!
    (6): I love your written works! :)

    over 1 year ago