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" When someone says hurtful things, it's only a reflection of their struggle. Try not to be offended, instead reflect love back to them. It won't be easy at first but like any muscle the more you use it the stronger it becomes. You will feel more powerful in the end by not succumbing to your lower nature. "The most hateful characteristic of man is fault finding."
I thank that's my favourite quote right now. I couldn't fit it into to bio, so put it here.

#6things Corner Writing Club

October 23, 2018


1. Backwards Speak.

2. I do a Circus Club. 

3. I love Dragons.

4. I am a complete introvert (except with little kids)

5. I have two cats.

6. I had a dog but we gave him away since he was trying to kill the cats (I'll miss you, Timber)


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