Writers block is a plague and I'm infected. Hi, I'm Araw. I'm seventeen and I call myself I writer.

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I only started writing to practice for a scholarship exam. Five years later, here I am.


October 23, 2018


1. Studying. Even if it's not for school, I'm always looking at articles, videos or books on certain topics I want to know about. They're also some of the most random things. Like, lately, I've been looking at Vladimir Komarov and the cosmonauts, but in general I like to look things like anatomy and maths. 
2. Writing. I can't really go without mentioning writing. It's become so important to me that I have to write everyday no matter what. If I don't, then something just feels missing.
3. Recalling and Repeating. This one is kind of weird and overly specific, I think. Whenever I feel like things are out of control, I'm bored or I need to focus, I remember sequences in my head and repeat them to myself mentally or I whisper them. Often, I use pi and the Fibonacci sequence or poems like The Last Rose of Summer by Thomas Moore. It's a coping mechanism that my psychologist taught me and I need it so often that I do it all the time.
4. Walking. If I can help it, I won't take public transport. I prefer to walk because I can go at my own pace and I can go where I want. I also really hate buses. The thought of missing my stop makes me quite anxious and I don't like how crowded they are because then there are too many noises around me and it gets too stuffy. That's why, as long as I can, I will walk to places I need to go.
5. Playing my violin. Violin is my second favourite thing to do, the first being writing. I love practicing and I wish I had more time for it.
6. Gardening. I love helping my mother out with the flowers in the front garden and keeping my father company while he works on the herb garden in the back yard. Gardening is just the best activity to do when you need to relax. 


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