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"You Can Never Be Too Careful."

By: Kitty Cheshire


"You can never too careful."-
Were the words my mother said to me,
The night that I couldn't stop laughing-
She starts with why are you laughing?
I simply state "I don't know anymore",
But the next words out of her mouth...
Will never be forgotten,
She then forbid me to ever go over to my neighbor's house,
She thought that my friend had given me drugs,
AND that I HAD taken them,
So you can be too careful,
When you don't trust your own kids to know right from wrong,
When you can't see your kids have grown up,
So "You can never be too careful."-
Were the words she said to me,
That fateful day I decided,
To live my life SILENTLY.

Message to Readers

Just the usual. This actually did happen I was across the street in plain sight all day and my mother seeing as I was laughing so hard I was literally on the ground. She thought that my friend had given me drugs and that I was dumb enough to actually take them. She then after ten minutes of me crying and her realizing she made a mistake. Then came and apologized to me say that she thought my friend had offered me drugs and that I had taken them, then finished her apology with the words, "You can never be too careful." I beg to differ.

Peer Review

"You can never be too careful." But can you ever be completely careful?

I think that a simple line of poetry is enough of a story. When writing a poem, I never expect someone to add too much detail into their work.

Reviewer Comments

Always keep writing Kitty!