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October 24, 2018

if you could touch the night, then surely,
it would be velveted and soft,
draped around bowed shoulders-
drinking midnight from my lips,
hands wrapped around an evergreen spine

it would taste of stale chocolate
and mint leaves-
burns like whiskey in the back
of my aching throat;
there is nothing to swallow my spite
out here in the wilds

see reverent, hold my rapture;
I have not yet loved
the light-
with stars in my hair dripping
to drown quietly in the hollows
of my collar bones

lift me higher, let me look 
at the harsh, beautiful moon; 
the only goddess I see- 
turn my cheek to the dawn
Habeenkii; the Somali word for night. In order of appearance in poem: touch, taste, sight. 


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1 Comment
  • ALangford

    i love this so so much it's so beautiful & original & oh
    also we have a semi similar style you're just better at it lmao
    well done !!

    about 2 years ago