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Here Are A Few

January 17, 2016

Where has all the time gone? 

Moonlight does little for my eyes. 

Forever a memory of the future.

Could it not be seven words?

Just kidding, only kidding; am I?

Honestly, though, I see no reason.

God help me to find meaning.

All I do is keep being.

Another day lost, regret to follow.

Lyrics and notes and billy goats.

I have Midyear Exams next week.

Act two but act one unfinished. 



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1 Comment
  • Maryam Gamar

    I love the way you use simple words and images that sound normal on their own, but make it sound intriguing and sort of mysterious when everything is put together. I think the constraint of six words per line really worked to your advantage. Wonderful job!

    over 4 years ago