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My December

January 18, 2016

Hello, December! It’s like saving the best for last. December screams the month of joy, happiness, and is there for me to finish what I started. I take December in more consideration and cherish it most. December itself is more meaningful than other months and each year I look forward to see what it holds for me. December is my birth month; it means old memories and opportunities for the new, family time by the Christmas tree wishing for snow, and a recap of the events before the New Year.
My birthday is first of events and really kicks off the month. It helps me realize that I’m glad to be born and the importance of myself. For the first few weeks I’m out and about getting ready for a memorable party. I look for the neatest decorations, most entertaining and interactive games, and scroll through popular upbeat songs for my playlist. What I enjoy most is when time has passed and the party slowly winds down, before my friends leave they have the look of being pleased and they are happy. My last party we were smearing icing from our cupcakes on each other’s face, what a laugh that was. We danced around and shared laughter as disco lights and glow sticks waved in the air. Twister would have to be our favorite game especially when it comes to testing who can really play the game. Memories are made and old ones are shared, opportunity always calls when it comes to birthdays, especially mine!
Before I know it, Christmas has snuck right upon me! Christmas Eve my family and I, cousins, aunts, and uncles lounge at my grandmas. We have a tradition to share what we are thankful for, say a prayer then eat, and gather around to open present’s while enjoying each other’s company. An aroma of my aunt’s famous chili and my grandma’s apple pie recipe fills the air with other delicious smells. My brother likes to be Santa Clause for all the smaller kiddos. With the help of one my aunts, he hands the presents out to each child. My mother or whoever has the camera captures the moment, a memory made for a lifetime.  The adults, with my help, play cops and robbers with their gifts, what a laugh it is when a dude get a girls bath set. When it’s late and the day starts to sleep, my family and I take the journey back home. The next day we open presents and devote our time to family time by the Christmas tree. My mother and I cook a traditional dinner and we have leftovers for the week. Snow seems rare but that’s what I look forward to when it’s Christmas.
Furthermore, for the remainder of December,I set back during the bitter evenings sipping on hot cocoa recapping my events. It’s like going through a slideshow of dozens of pictures. I discard the unpleasant ones, cherish the best, and share the rest. December keeps me talking about my memories. Like I had said before, it also helps my finish all that I started. It’s the last month of the year and the last few days before the New Year. Whatever happens in December, stays in My December.


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