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Message to Readers

Sorry if this isn't how you wanted it to turn out to be; I'm guessing many of you thought this would be some kind of fantasy adventure thingy. Well, enjoy anyways and tell me if you like it! And yes, more is coming.

Heart of Gold

November 4, 2018


I stroll through the woods, the sun light peeking out from behind the curtain of leaves. My feet sink into the cushion of moss, and I wiggle my toes, smiling.

Birds sing, and occasionally I hear the flutter of wings. I twirl, perishing every moment, trying to forget the dread that rests at the back of my head. The air is smells like grass after a storm. The sun rests in the sky, gently dancing with the clouds and smiling down warmly. Each step tickles my bare feet, grazing and kissing away at the soft skin on my soles and toes.

The little trickle of a clear stream comes into view. Dipping my toes in the icy cold water, I giggle, thinking about the multiple times I've come across this stream when I was young. And up the hill I go, towards the figure standing at the top.

I squint my eyes, looking at the dark figure, his robes flowing in the wind.

"Are you ready?"

Dad turns around, looking very much like a jedi. I roll my eyes even if a smile is plastered on my face.

"Hi to you too, dad." He chuckles, stepping off the rock he was standing on.

"Really though, you ready?" I shake my head. Dad's always been the understanding one, unlike mom, who thought of this stupid idea of a party in the first place.

"No..." I murmur, watching as dad unwraps the bed linen around him (yes, that's his iconic jedi robes) and takes off the brown belt. He hands them to me, then pulls at his tie. Yes, he's wearing a suit underneath bed linen. Don't ask. I lug the bed linen onto my shoulder with a grunt.

"Work?" He nods as a reply, a frown forming on his face as he tries to smooth his hair back down.

"You'll be fine, young padawan. And I'm sorry I have to go to work." He musses up my hair.

"It's fine."

He takes a step back, holding up a Vulcan salute.

"Live long and prosper." 

"Wrong fandom, dad." I say, smiling and stating the obvious. He grins back.

"Well, beam me up, Scotty." He waves a goodbye, going down the hill and starting the long walk towards the main road. I sigh contently.

* * *

I speed up when I see the party decorations already ready. The bed linen drags behind me, and I let out a sigh of relief when I finally reached the two big doors. The door guards open the doors, and I smile briefly before sprinting as fast I can towards and up the staircase. 

"Emma!" My mother's shrill voice tears through the air, and I wince, stopping in my track. Oops. She stomps up to me, looking me up and down.

"You went to see your father off and this is what happen?" I cringe when she gestures a maid to take the bed linen and belt.

"Oh, my dear!" She frowns, pushing me up the stairs.

"You are still in your pyjamas, which is caked in dirt and moss and disgusting things. How is it you are so... unprepared for your birthday! I would ha-" The doorbell rings, saving me from the lecture and dragging me out of the misery. 

"Oh, no, no, no, they're here. Go change, Emma, they're here!" She gives me a push, then hurries down the carpeted stairs to the double doors. I walk away slowly, curious to see who it is. The doors open, and mom welcomes an unfamiliar face.

Who is that? I frown at the boy. A girl follows- oh. That's probably Abigail's boyfriend. Irritation bubbles up inside me. Who told her to bring a boyfriend? Who told her to come at all? I turn around, shaking my head. I feel a pair of eyes on me, and I turn around. But before I can identify the color of the boy's eyes, I turn a corner, and the burning stare was gone. 

Maybe to annoy my mother or just because I don't feel like it, I don't change into my 'birthday dress'. Instead, I change out of my unicorn patterned pyjama pants (what? even rich people should have the right to enjoy this luxury) and into some sweats. Pulling on a hoodie, I slip into my Birkenstocks because hey, why not annoy my mom some more?

I speed down the stairs, shivering as a gust of wind blow through the still open double doors. The garden outside is already crowded with people, and I swallow, slowing down. Maybe I can still turn back...

But it was too late.

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  • Quille

    Oh wow!!! :DD Good job :DD

    9 months ago
  • Ruthh

    I love your descriptions!!! I could see and feel everything. I'm really intrigued about this!!

    12 months ago