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Message to Readers

Like if you agreed with anything that I said. Let's get this message out there!

My Ideas For WTW (unfortunately I couldn't publish this under the prompt because I'm late to the party but I used those same questions)

October 21, 2018


What do you most value about WtW?
I like the community---it's large enough to have lots of interesting work but at the same time small enough that I feel like I know each writer here individually.  If you mentioned the username of someone here, I would know who they are and what their writing is like.

What would you like to see WtW do differently?
I wish that the policies were less strict.  The whole thing about not being able to publish about suicide, self-harm, gore, rape, or other mature issues should be revisited.  I think the website could benefit from a tagging system.  You apply various tags to each of your pieces to forewarn the readers of any mature content.
I also want more badges (although not all of them, see below).  The first twenty (with the exception of perhaps Bestseller and Master Reviewer) are incredibly easy to do; if you've been on this site for a month, you could earn them.  I would add more badges that provide goals for people have been on WtW a long time, too.  I feel like the badge system loses importance because it's so easy to do.
The prompt system is another thing I'd like to see changed.  I think that prompts should stay around longer, and there should be an easier way to view old prompts.
The reviewing questions are another thing.  There should be more constructive questions, especially on "Free Writing" pieces.  Right now, the questions for a default review are, in my opinion, unhelpful.  Constructive criticism makes for the best review, and the questions on the reviews don't offer a place to give that.  I would recommend adding a, "What could the writer do better" question, so that there's an easier way.

Are there any changes you would make to the site?
See above.  I also think that the competitions should be arranged slightly differently.  Most of the time, winners/second placers are pieces from blank profiles that only have one piece of published work under them, and no other activity.  I feel like these people aren't the main targeted audience for the competitions---the competitions are for the community, and it should be the community that places in them.

What types of prompts or competitions would you like to see more of?
More fiction, poetry, and reviewing, and less personal narrative/political stuff.  I don't know if I'm the only one that noticed, but we have a lot of personal narrative-y, making change-y competitions.  I would be more interested in flash fiction contests, novel contests, and specific poetry contests.

How could we encourage more peer reviewing? What would make you write peer reviews more often?
Get rid of the Master Reviewer badge.  Instead of encouraging people to write in-depth reviews, it's making most reviews shallow, with no real consideration for the work.  Lots of people only want the badge.  I would eliminate the badge and just trust that writers are going to want to give feedback to others.
Offering prizes for in-depth reviews is a good way to go.  Maybe we could have review competitions---sort of like writing competitions, only it's for who can give the best review.


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  • Quille

    Good suggestions! I would also highly value a messaging system!

    12 months ago
  • Kahasai

    I completely agree with you. The badges irritate me, since I don't review or write to earn on of them, since most of them are so easy to earn. A reviewing competition would be awesome, especially if they included Free Writing as a category. Then we could get reviews on our reviews, which is something a lot of us could benefit from.

    And yes! There is lack of fiction competitions! Thankfully, November's coming up and so is the novel writing competition, but after that it isn't until April we get another fiction competition, and then it isn't until June we get some more. Maybe they should set a pattern so that we get a fiction competition every three months, or at least every four months.

    12 months ago
  • paperbird

    Thanks for the support guys :)

    12 months ago
  • books and beaches

    I agree so much! A messaging system would also be great so you could directly message people instead of having to comment on a random piece about something totally unrelated.

    12 months ago
  • Misfit

    This is very thorough

    12 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    @Mary Wall I partly agree with you, because we don't want to have explicit or extremely gory material all over the place, but I do think they should loosen the policy. Ideally, there would be some sort of way to put tags on pieces that are more mature--- for example, if it contains slight gore, you could tag it with "gore", and then maybe there could be some sort of settings thing where you could "turn off" certain tags, so that you can't see pieces with those tags on them? If that makes any sense.

    12 months ago
  • Mary Wall

    I think the policy on not writing anything with mature content is actually a very good one. Just think about if it wern't there. I think the community would be overrun with people posting gross stuff. Not to mention, I don't want to be a part of a community that lets teenagers run wild with their emotions and imagination. I'm here to impeove my writing, not to wade through hundreds of posts full of gross, inappropriate content. While those things are real life problems, I don't want to be reading about them.
    I do agree with you on the reviews though. I think they should be for those who really want to help another writer. And more badges would be cool.:)

    12 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    I totally agree with all of these! I also want the ability to reply to comments, message writers individually, chatrooms or something of the sort (so people don't need to constantly post pieces unrelated to writing), and some way to organize novels or stories with multiple parts.

    12 months ago
  • Anha

    Omg now that I think about it, I totally agree with question 1! And we definitely need more badges.

    12 months ago