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"perhaps one day / we will meet again / as characters in / a different story, / maybe we'll share / a lifetime then." ~pavana

I Write for the Unspoken

October 21, 2018

PROMPT: Why I Write

    Asking a writer why they write is like asking a philosopher about the meaning of life. You can't get one answer that is the same from every person, it's one of those questions that will haunt you for the rest of your life. One of those questions that you can spend your whole life searching for the answer, and end up finding yourself, by never really answering the question you had originally. No, you can't ask someone why they write because then they'll give you what comes to mind. Thus leaving all the other reasons for writing no credit, no chance to show themselves, no proof they are there. That's why I'm writing this: To give credit and life to all the unmentioned reasons. I write for the unspoken reasons.
    My pen could fly across a piece of paper almost as fast a my fingers could gild across a keyboard. It's not how I put the ideas or the stories down, it's how they come about. Some times I could be sitting in my room listening to music when suddenly-boom! It hits me. The most epic story of our life time, and I can't grab that pencil from my desk fast enough. Or, if i'm at school and as the teacher talks about a current event, and I have to hold my tongue from the thousand of remarks I want to say. Instead, I just open a new tab on my computer and start typing furiously about how with my ideas and the peoples' help, we could change the world for the better. Maybe, just maybe, I could be in the middle of a game, when I finally stop to see the beauty in everything around me, making everything I know crash around me. That's when I have to repeat my brilliant idea a thousand times in my head so i don't forget it when I get a chance to write it down. What I'm saying is, reasons for writer can be just like this: The idea just comes. The reason can just be a simple thought, or simply be no reason at all. You just have to put into words what you think. What you believe.
    Requiring children to take English, requires them to write a paper at least once in their life. And that class, is a reason a a lot of people write. Out. Of. Requirement. Making students write papers makes it harder for them to find the meaning, the purpose, behind why you're getting them to write. However, it has been done before, and those very English papers are why some people chose to write.
    Others, write in the darkness of their rooms, when others are sleeping, in the journals they've kept hidden from everyone. It's when being alone to themselves, can they finally open up, and write down everything they've ever felt. The journal they have, could also the very reason why the writer doesn't explode from bundling up their emotions-because they express them in words.
    In the end, when I first looked at this prompt I couldn't think of a single reason why I write. I thought of thousands. Every time I start an article, story, poem, song, or even a sentence, the reason is different than the next. Nothing compares to the first, and everything will be different from the very last. Have you ever heard the saying: "Don't expect a true writer not to go back and edit what they wrote. Not to start over from scratch because they hated everything they loved only minutes ago"? The saying implies to why the reader writes. Because once the writer's reason changes, so does the writer.


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  • Wisp

    Ah, ten months it took huh? What a dastardly long time, not that I'm complaining. Sorry it took so long dear. Missing you from over here, feels a little bit empty without you.

    about 2 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Wow this is simply beautiful and true. It feels like you put to shame, all the other answers to this prompt. And the ending is oh so stunning. :)

    10 months ago
  • Wisp

    I said in a comment on one of your pieces a while I ago that I intended to binge read your pieces. And I am. Maybe not all today, but I’m in a car for six plus hours today, and I can’t think of a better way to spend it then reading your poetry. And this piece Dmoral, it’s nostalgic. It’s the beginnings of a beautiful writer, it’s the beginnings of a flourishment. As Ursa said, it’s rare to see pieces of yours that don’t have more than two or three likes, and seeing this one so raw and unpolished, there’s a beauty in it. There’s a beauty within knowing that you’ll be the legend you have become today. I’ll read today for hours of your writing, and I’ll be sent through a time machine. I will watch as you grow and I’ll be glad. Get ready for a barrage of notifications Dmoral, because I’m diving in.

    12 months ago
  • jun lei

    thank you so much!
    hmm...myself, poetri, jeily, pouringoutthesun, ursa, sunny.v, fizzybaguette, n., yapyapxy, a rose, agustdv, a breath into silence, fatpanda, jasmine_k, a friend, and a friend of a friend!

    about 1 year ago
  • Ursa

    well, my intent was scroll down to your oldest piece to give you my instagram without anyone else seeing, but I just screwed that up by hitting the like button and now the piece is on the dashboard.
    well, on the off chance you are on instagram, you can find me at ursa_does_things. I'll make a prose account and can get yours from someone I know is following you, although I don't know if you'll still be there.

    I think it's cool that I might've found one of the few pieces of yours that only has one like. here, I see all of your writing talent, raw and unpolished, the beginnings of something great. this piece is the seed of what would grow into the beautiful tree of words I know today.
    and I like it! there is something awkward, a little clumsy about the way it's written; like you're just learning how to skateboard. I have the advantage of looking at you now, an advanced skateboarder, and being able to see how much potential you had, and how much turned into skill.

    and how fitting is it that the first piece on here (you've probably unpublished earlier ones but whatever) is about why you write! that's so cool, especially to me, who just came from your farewell piece that kinda talks about a similar thing.

    anyways, I'll stop now. I don't know if you'll see this, but you've done it again. you've always been a master at nostalgia, and right now I feel like I'm watching the end of the sisterhood of the traveling pants.
    or the beginning? either one, really.

    farewell, dmoral.

    over 1 year ago
  • CDWillson

    replying: i followed you on wattpad and prose under the name CDWillson. also for my blog:

    over 1 year ago