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War Stories: Chapter One

October 28, 2018


Edward was meeting with the General. The General had a nice office, four walls, two widows, an absolute tank of a desk, and of course, the General himself.

General Grant Arlington had served in many wars for the country of Parliamentria. He was a large man, which suited his desk. His uniform was a dark green, and he a black tie. His hair was almost nonexistent at his age, but he did have a large gray handlebar moustache. 

“I assume you heard the news, Major Hastings?” General Arilington said at the beginning of the meeting.

”News, sir?” Edward asked.

”The Taultics are grouping forces along Westland’s border,” Arlington said,”War seems inevitable.”

”I don’t what that has to do with me, sir,” 

“We are shipping troops to Westland in case war does break out,” General Arlington handed Edward an envelope.

It read:

‘For distinguished service for the Parliamentrian Army, we have decided to promoted you to Colonel.  You shall command the 35th Infantry Unit, effective immediately.

Make us proud,
Field Marshal Ernest Newton.’

General Arilington smiled. “It seems you are my direct subordinate now.” He said.


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