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one two three | #booksandbeacheswritingcontest

October 20, 2018


you'll always wonder about her. about where she went. gone. gone. gone. it was terrifying watching her disappear under water. you pulled her out too late. too late. too late. too late. too late when she was drowning in her own tears, sleeping over because she could still hear the sound of breaking glass and see the flashing lights. one time, chance, two, coincidence, three, pattern. pattern. pattern. pattern. flashing lights everywhere. pattern. pattern. pattern. it was a closed casket. you choke, choke, choke on air that isn't supposed to feel like water. she was the claustrophobic one, not you. you aren't in a box. choking, choking, choking. chance, coincidence, pattern. pattern. pattern. pattern.


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  • books and beaches

    Thank you so much for participating! I reviewed it and it’s a really great piece!

    about 1 year ago