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I'm from Chicago, but now live in Plainfield. I‘m learning how to make animations! Pretty cool! (Absence makes the heart grow fonder?). INFJ-T (we’re good on that now)

Message to Readers

This is my first uploaded prompt, and I would really appreciate feedback on creating mood and imagery. I also feel some of the sentences are terse

Chicago's Hidden Gem

October 20, 2018

     The branches barely touched each other;just enough to frame the glittering lake, pushing its foamy head shiftlessly toward the sandy shore and pulling back. Joggers and mothers strolled by the lakeshore aimlessly, with no particular goal in mind. Butterflies and birds fluttered around the branches, the butterflies for the flowers and the birds for their nest. Fat bumblebees hovered around lazily.
    The smell of zinnias and sunflowers waft into the air, covered with the damp smell of rain and mixed faintly the salt of sweat.
    The flowers were softer and smoother than silk, and they were softly being tugged by the wind. The brisk wind was a relief from the uncomfortably muggy day.


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