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Here's my poem for October twentieth everybody,I hope you enjoy it! Please read and comment on it,I want to know what you think!

The Price Of Beauty,A Halloween Story For October Twentieth:

October 20, 2018


Description: Hello my dear readers,it's October twentieth,the twentieth day of the Halloween season! Today we are back to Halloween stories and today's tale from the crypt is one that teaches us a very important lesson. I ask you,what is the price of beauty? What is one willing to do to become beautiful like the lovely ladies we see and envy? Is beauty external or is it what's on the inside what counts? And just what will occur in this story today? Read and find out! Enjoy this story,but take heed,you might just learn something.

Rated: K+ or T (for some frightening content)

Once upon a time,in a small town in England,there lived a sad and lonely girl named Rebecca Clackermin. Rebecca Clackermin was a sixteen year old girl with caramel colored hair done in curls,watery green eyes,a face full of freckles,and a cleft chin. Rebecca,while rather decent looking and kind hearted,was terribly insecure about her looks because the other girls at her school would often bully her for not being as beautiful as they were. They told her that they were far more beautiful and that she was ugly,a freak. Rebecca would have found comfort in her friends,but alas,she had none. All the people at her school avoided her because they thought she was strange and abnormal. Rebecca's parents gave her no comfort,due to having jobs that were highly demanding. Rebecca was practically alone,often crying about how ugly she was and that nobody loved her. What Rebecca really wanted was to be beautiful,as beautiful as the girls at her school,lovely and fair. She wanted to be so beautiful that everyone would love her,give her attention,and most of all,to be treated with respect. Rebecca envied beautiful people because they got all the love and respect they wanted,while she got nothing. Not only did she envy beautiful people,she loathed them because there were sometimes beautiful people who looked lovely,but were rude,cruel,and mean spirited;they were beautiful on the outside,yet ugly on the inside. It was Rebecca's belief that people should be judged on how beautiful they were on the inside,not how beautiful they were on the outside. How Rebecca wished she could show her entire town and possibly the entire world how she felt. But,what she didn't know was that she would soon get her wish. One day,Rebecca had stayed after school to clean the basement. The janitor,an old,friendly soul,was tired that day and nearly broken his back from cleaning a great deal of the school. Feeling terrible,Rebecca told him she would finish cleaning the school by handling his last cleaning job,the basement. Relieved and grateful,the janitor gave her the job. Anyhow,Rebecca had cleaned up half of the basement,determined to finish,when suddenly,she came upon a large strange object covered by a tarp. Throwing off the tarp,the object was revealed to be a glorious looking mirror. The mirror was made from silver glass,with a golden frame encrusted with heart shaped rubies and shining pearls. On the bottom of the frame,there were some words that read "Ego ostendam tibi quae non sunt tumquam sed qui intus sunt vos." Rebecca recognized this as Latin,having studied it in her free time,and the words translated too "I show not what you look like,but who you are inside." Rebecca was curious as to why it said that,but then she shrugged,assuming it was nothing. She began cleaning the mirror,humming to herself as she did so. However,while she was cleaning the mirror,she looked into while she was spraying some cleaning product and what she saw gave her the shock of her life. Within the mirror,was an image of a beautiful young girl. This beautiful girl had gorgeously brushed caramel colored hair,sparkling watery blue eyes,a gorgeous face with rosy cheeks dappled with freckles,dainty fingers,and sweet pink lips. This girl was dressed in large,violet colored gown decorated with dark blue bows,a heart shaped necklace,and a silver tiara with diamonds on it. Rebecca didn't know who this girl was,but then,she saw that whenever she moved in front of the mirror,the beautiful girl moved with her. Although she couldn't believe it,Rebecca realized that the beautiful girl was her,making her look beautiful. How this was possible? Rebecca didn't know,but it was nice,for the first time in her life,to be shown as beautiful. Rebecca admired herself in the mirror,her heart leaping with joy as she did so.

"I see that you've discovered the wonder and pleasures of my power,mortal girl." A feminine voice suddenly said. "Many such as you enjoy looking into me,seeing how lovely they truly are."

Rebecca snapped out of her trance,shrieked and said "What?! Who said that?! Who's there?!"

"I did,silly girl," The feminine voice chuckled,revealed to be coming from the mirror. "and I'm right in front of you."

"In front of me,what do you...wait,you're a mirror?! A talking mirror?!" Rebecca uttered in disbelief. 

"Silly mortal girl,I am not a talking mirror,I am a spirit trapped within a mirror." The female voice said from within the mirror. "Allow me to show you."

The image of Rebecca in her beautiful form disappeared as the mirror rippled and bubbled to reveal a new image of a beautiful woman. The woman had pale white skin,long dark brown hair down in long Victorian rag curls,and ethereal silver eyes. She wore a gorgeous pale blue dress decorated with white lace and ribbons,as well as golden heart shaped hair pin.

"There,you see? I'm not a talking mirror,am I?" The mirror spirit said with a sly smile. "Allow me to introduce myself,my name is Sophornia,the spirit that inhabits the Mirror of True Beauty."

"I-I-I'm R-Rebecca Clackermin,m-m-miss S-S-Sophornia." Rebecca stuttered,still trying to process all this. "I-It's a p-p-pleasure."

"Oh,I know very well who you are,my dear. In fact,I know all about you." Sophronia replied knowingly. "As I mirror spirit,I see what is within you and I see that you are terribly sad. The girls at your school bully you because they think you ugly and a freak. That's right,isn't it?"

"W-Why yes,it is." Rebecca sighed sadly. "All the girls at school look down on me,thinking that they're more beautiful than me and that I'm hideous. But,I know the truth about what they are,they're the ugly ones. They might look pretty,but they're mean,selfish,cruel,and unkind. I loath people like that because their appearance doesn't reflect what they truly are. They call themselves beautiful when they don't see how ugly the inside"

"Oh,I know all about that,dear child,more than you know." Sophronia said sympathetically. "You see,long before I was a mirror spirit,I was a human girl,much like you,who faced beautiful people like that. All of them were perfectly lovely,yet on the inside,they were cruel,wicked,nasty,and shallow. All of them bullied me,telling me I wasn't as beautiful as they."

"What,but that can't be true. You're so beautiful,I can see it as plain as day." Rebecca said in disbelief. 

"Yes,I am beautiful now,yet that is only because I have become one with the Mirror of True Beauty." Sophronia said with a sigh. "I wasn't always the beautiful woman you see before you,no. Before this,I was,much like you,an 'ugly' girl that the selfish girls perceived me as. Yet,I was not ugly,because on the inside,I was kind,gentle,and loving. All I ever wanted was to see how beautiful I truly was and I soon got my wish. My father,in secret,was a magical blacksmith,and he crafted me a mirror that would show how truly beautiful I was. He called it The Mirror of True Beauty,which allows the user to see how beautiful they are based on their personality. I loved the mirror,often gazing into it for hours and seeing my inner beauty. It was simply wonderful."

"Oh,so that's what those Latin words meant." Rebecca said with surprise. "This mirror has the ability to reflect how beautiful someone is on the inside,rather than the outside. That's really cool and fantastic."

"Indeed,but what my father had forgotten to tell me is that all magical items come with a price." Sophronia said with a frown. "The thing is,the Mirror of True Beauty is to be only looked into once a week and if you look into it for too long,the mirror's power will consume you,causing you to become trapped inside it. I let myself be tempted by its power and learned to late of the price. Since then,I've been the spirit that resides within this mirror. True,I am beautiful,but there's a price for beauty."

"Oh my God,that's awful." Rebecca said sympathetically,feeling bad for Sophroinia. "It must be very lonely in there. Not only that,I get why you got so obsessed with looking into it. With all those girls calling you ugly,all you wanted to be was beautiful and prove them wrong. Why,if anything they were the ugly ones and all people like them deserve to see how ugly they really..."

Suddenly,a brilliant thought appeared in Rebecca's head and while some would think it mad or wicked,to Rebecca,it was the most wonderful idea she'd ever had in her life.

"Say,I think I have an idea that solves both our problems. Sophronia,I have a proposition for you." Rebecca said,a grin widening on her face as she brightened up. "You're a magic mirror,right? So,that means you have powers,doesn't it?"

"Indeed,I have many powers,Rebecca,ones you cannot even begin to fathom. Why the sudden interest?" Sophronia said,her right eyebrow raising. 

"Well,since you suffered because those selfish girls called you ugly and I'm suffering the same fate,why don't we put an end to it all?" Rebecca answered. "Why don't we teach those selfish girls a lesson and show them just how ugly they truly are?"

An intrigued look appeared on Sophronia's face and she said "What do you have in mind?"

"What I propose we do," Rebecca said as she explained herself. "it that we cast a spell upon these girls,one that will show them how ugly they are on the inside,showing them that they aren't as beautiful as they think they are. And when they see me,I'll be the beautiful girl I am on the inside that you showed me as in the mirror. Once that happiness,they'll see how I am beautiful and they are not,showing that beauty comes from within. You might say you won't get anything out of it,but I can assure you that you will. Think about it,you suffered because girls like them called you ugly and I'm facing the same fate. If you help me,you'll be able to get your revenge on those kinds of girls at long last. It might seem cruel,but it teaches a lesson,beauty comes from within. So,what do you say? Will you help me?"

Sophronia took Rebecca's offer into consideration and began to think it over. She really understood what Rebecca was going through,she knew what it was like to feel ugly when others told one so. Sophronia remembered all the times the cruel,selfish girls had bullied her,telling her how disgusting and unsightly she was,how they were fairer than she was,that they knew what true beauty was. However,Sophronia knew that as a lie because true beauty was not how one looked externally,but how one looked internally. Makeup,expensive gowns,and jewels did not show loveliness,acts of kindness did. Sophronia,in her days as a human,desired for the selfish girls to get their comeuppance and for everyone to see how ugly they were. She undeniably wanted to get her revenge on girls like that and Rebecca's offer made that possible. However,Sophronia also knew that doing so would make her no better than the selfish girls and she'd become one of them. Sophronia did not wish to become a selfish girl and wanted to remain the kind,gentle,loving girl she always was. But then,Rebecca remembered the price of beauty,which was very high,and she had paid it. If Rebecca did this,she too would pay the price of beauty. Paying the price of beauty meant benefit for Sophronia,benefit that would mean improvement for her. What was this benefit and just what is the price of beauty? That you will know soon enough,dear ones. A sly,somewhat dark smile appeared on Sophronia's face as ulterior motives spread through her mind.

"Alright,Rebecca,I will help you. I do not deny that my heart has often desired to teach selfish girls who don't value inner beauty and I feel terrible that you're suffering through what I suffered." Rebecca said in agreement. "In order to cast the spell,I'll need a few things for it to work. You must get them for me and mix them together. Once you do that,throw the mixture upon my mirror,that will allow me to cast the spell. The selfish girls will get what they deserve and you,my dear,will become the beautiful girl I see that you are inside. But,know this,child,there is a price of beauty,and I do hope you're willing to pay it if this is to be done."

Rebecca hesitated a moment,worried about the price of beauty she had to pay,but then she brushed it off and got a grip. This was her one and only chance to get her revenge on the selfish girls,to prove that beauty came from within. Without another thought,Rebecca nodded in compliance. 

"Excellent,let us begin." Sophronia said slyly,rubbing her hands together. "Now,my dear,there are several ingredients that you shall need to cast this spell and they are..."

One by one,Sophronia began going over the list of items she would need for the spell,which Rebecca wrote down on a pad of paper she had in school bag. To cast the spell,she would need the tear of a selfless person,the shell of an oyster with a pearl inside of it,the wart of a toad,a fragment of a cracked mirror,and the blood of a very selfish soul. Once she had the list,Rebecca left to get the ingredients,but not before cleaning up the rest of the basement. The tear of a selfless person and the blood of a very selfish soul were not hard to find. The janitor was so pleased that Rebecca had cleaned up for him that he shed tears of joy,one of which Rebecca secretly collected in a water bottle. As for the blood,Francine Abbott,one of the many girls who was cruel to her and by far the meanest of them all,had scraped her hand during cheerleading practice,drawing blood. Rebecca was to fortunate enough to get some of the blood,especially without anyone noticing. Then,she went down by the side to find the shell of an oyster with a pearl in it and sure enough,found one buried beneath the sand. Next,she traveled to the green water creek,where should often play as a child,to get the wart of a toad. By the creek's bank,Rebecca discovered a small toad,croaking in the mud. Very carefully,she picked it up and plucked a small wart of the toad,placing it in a plastic bag. Finally,Rebecca went home and climbed up into the attic. In the attic was an old antique mirror that her mother had once used,but after it cracked due to her father accidentally hitting it,she stuffed it up in the attack. As carefully as she could,making sure she wouldn't injure herself,Rebecca removed a small fragment of the mirror and put it in her bag. With all the ingredients for the spell collected,Rebecca returned to the basement,where Sophronia was waiting for her. 

"You've got all the ingredients for the spell,very good." Sophronia praised,before getting serious. "Now,fetch that bowl on the shelf there and put the ingredients into it. Mix them up until they reach a rich red color."

Rebecca did as she was told,proceeding to grab the bowl and put the ingredients in,one by one. She poured the tear of a selfless person and the blood of a very selfish soul in first. Then,she crushed up the oyster shell with the pearl inside it,the wart of the toad,and the fragment of the cracked mirror into fine powders,mixing them up at an even pace. Soon,the brew turned a rich red color,just like Sophronia had said. The brew was finished,but their work wasn't quite ready yet. In order to cast the spell properly,the intended targets had to be within range. So,the two of them conceived a scheme that would insure their success. Rebecca and Sophronia planned to lead the most horrible of the selfish girls into the basement,where Rebecca would throw the brew on the mirror and Sophornia would cast the spell,showing not only how ugly the selfish girls were,but how beautiful Rebecca was as well. That very night,as luck would have it,was the annual football game and many of the selfish girls,led by Francine Abbott,were acting as cheerleaders. Rebecca patiently waited to strike,watching the selfish girls cheer on the other team and smiling,for they were finally going to get what they deserved.  The moment halftime was called,Rebecca sprang into action. She approached the selfish girls,telling them that she needed them go come into the school with her for "a special surprise". The selfish girls denied her request at first,but Rebecca then told them that the "special surprise" would make them even more beautiful than they already were. Drunk on their vanity and greed,the selfish girls followed Rebecca into the school. She led them into the basement,despite them finding it somewhat odd,and once they got there,the selfish girls were ready for their special surprise.

"So Rebecca," Francine said greedily,rubbing her hands together. "what's this special surprise you promised us,the one that will make us more beautiful than we are now? I'm anxious to find out because I want to make all the girls in school turn green with envy when they see how stunning me and my friends look."

"Oh,you'll get it in just a moment." Rebecca said subtly,darkness buried beneath her ton. "I can assure you Francine that you and your friends will get everything you deserve when you get the special surprise."

"That's good,I love it when my friends and I get what we deserve. After all,we are the most beautiful girls in school,deserving only the finest things in life." Francine said with a haughty chuckle. 

Francine's friends laughed in agreement,but they wouldn't be laughing for long because what they didn't know...was that they'd suffer a fate worse than death. Pulling out of the Mirror of True Beauty,Rebecca got to work. The selfish girls were entranced by the mirror,hypnotized by its glittering beauty as Rebecca placed it before them. Then,Rebecca calmly picked up the bowl,walked towards the mirror,and threw the solution onto the mirror's surface. The selfish girls looked on in confusion,but then the rich red brew began to bubble and ripple upon the mirror violently,much like scalding water in a boiling pot. The selfish girls began to back uneasily,now very afraid of what was going on,their faces turning pale.

"R-Re-b-b-becca," Francine stuttered nervously. "w-what is th-that m-m-mirror doing?"

"Giving you everything you deserve." Rebecca replied calmly,a rather dark smile on her face.

Before Francine and the other selfish girls could react,the image of Sophornia appeared,a dark smile on her face as well,and she thrusted out her hands,causing dozens of rich red tendrils to erupt out of the mirror. Francine and her friends tried to flee,but the rich red tendrils grabbed onto them. Twisting and swirling about,they surrounded the selfish girls in the most violent way. Some of the rich red tendrils swirled around Rebecca too,but much more calmly than the other tendrils. The spell lasted for five minutes and when it ended...the fates of Rebecca and the selfish girls were forever changed. When the rich red tendrils dissipated it revealed what had become of everyone who got caught in the spell. Rebecca was now the radiant young lady that the Mirror of True Beauty had depicted her as,for she was beautiful on the inside and her inner beauty was showing. As for the selfish girls,they had become the ugly creatures they were on the inside. Their once fair skin had become wrinkled and gray,their stunning eyes were now an unflattering canary yellow,their lovely hair had become matted and sickly green,their attractive limbs were now spindly,and their normal cloths had become tattered brown rags. When the selfish girls saw themselves in the mirror,their faces became full of horror as they let out terrified screams.

"W-W-What...W-What d-d-d-did y-you...WHAT DID YOU DO TO US?!?!?!?!" Francine demanded in disgust and fear. "I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT YOUR SPECIAL SURPRISE WOULD MAKE US MORE BEAUTIFUL?!?!??!!?! WE'RE HIDEOUS!!!!"

"You had no real beauty to begin with," Rebecca sighed,shaking her head. "none at all. You might have been beautiful on the outside,but inside,you were and still are,ugly. You are selfish,cruel,rude,demeaning,and wicked,having never once been kind to me or anyone. You thought yourselves lovely and fair,but that is simply not true. Someone as mean spirited as all of you are not beautiful. I've merely made you as ugly as you are on the inside,a fitting punishment. I however am not ugly and never will be. Yes,I wasn't as lovely as you on the outside,but I am beautiful on the inside. I am kind,loving,and gentle,everything you are not. This might seem cruel,but it's a lesson you all had to learn the hard way; Looks aren't everything. Though I am beautiful externally,I won't let go to my head because inner beauty matters more. You however,will remain the unsightly creatures you are now forever and everyone will see how hideous you truly are."

"That's not fair!!!! Change us back,you filthy,little witch!!!!" Francine demanded angrily,hot,selfish tears running down her cheeks. "You don't deserve to look so beautiful! You are and always will be a hideous,little,disgusting lowly..."

"I am not,I never was. I am and have always been more beautiful than all of you because someone who is kind and gentle is the most beautiful person in the world." Rebecca said seriously. "And I am not going to change you back because for too long,I've been bullied by all of you and none of you ever got any comeuppance. Well,now you do and this is everything you deserve. Never again will you be beautiful,you will remain as ugly as you are on the inside. Now,begone with you,I never wish to see you again."

Francine and the selfish girls were undeniably angry,wishing to scream at Rebecca or rip her into a thousand pieces. However,they knew that they couldn't do any of that because Rebecca possessed a magic mirror of great power and there was no changing her mind,no matter how much they begged. In defeat,the selfish girls let out one last cry of anger as they fled up the stairs,running far away,never to return. Rebecca was relieved and happy that it was finally over,but as you've been told,dear ones,there is a price for beauty. 

"It's over,Sophorina," Rebecca said happily,"it's finally over! At long last,those selfish girls have been punished by become what they truly are! Justice is served! And look at me,lovely as I am on the inside! I told you our plan would work,didn't I tell you that?!"

"Yes,you did and I'm glad with the results. Good show,Rebecca." Sophorina said kindly. "I'll admit,it does feel good to know that there are girls like the ones I faced that have gotten the punishment they rightfully deserve."

"Indeed,Sophorina,but I'm afraid I must be going,I need to get home." Rebecca said in a polite tone. "My parents will be worried about me and it's very late. Goodbye,Sophorina,thank you for all your help."

"I'm afraid you won't be leaving,Rebecca,you won't be leaving at all." Sophorina replied,her tone a tad devious. 

"What...but why?" Rebecca said in confusion. "Our work here is done and we've succeeded in our plan. Why I am not allowed to go home?"

"As I told you,child,there is a price of beauty and it's one you have to pay. It might seem unfair,but it's the deal we made." Sophorina said calmly,though her tone was sly. "Like it or not,you must uphold your end of the bargain."

"And just what is the price of beauty?" Rebecca asked suspiciously.

"You're about to discover that." Sophorina said,a devious grin on her face.

Suddenly,the Mirror of True Beauty began to bubble and ripple,but this time,six semiliquid long arms came out of it. Rebecca knew she was in trouble,but before she could do anything,the semiliquid arms all shot out and grabbed onto her. She struggled to get free,trying to get away,yet her attempts were fruitless. The semiliquid arms dragged her backwards and slowly,but surely,they pulled her into the Mirror of True Beauty. The next thing Rebecca knew,she was trapped within the mirror! She wildly banged and pressed upon it with all her might,but it was no use. She was trapped and there was nothing she could do. Rebecca looked about where she was inside the mirror,a lovely expensive looking mansion from what she could see,but while it was impressive,she did not wish to be there.

"What on earth have you done?! Let me out! I beg,you let me out!" Rebecca begged.

"I'm afraid I cannot,Rebecca dearest," Sophorina said,shaking her head. "it's the price of beauty. I paid this price when I got obsessed with looking into the mirror and now you have payed this price by exacting justice upon those selfish girls. I warned you that you'd have to pay this price,which you've now realized too late. You,just like me,are stuck in this mirror forever and it will remain that way."

"B-B-But,why...why didn't you tell me that in the first place?! Surely you didn't want me to suffer the same fate you did!!! You're clearly a kind person,so why?!?!?! Why didn't you tell me?!" Rebecca demanded incredulously.

"You wouldn't have agreed to my terms if I had told you," Sophorina said with a sigh. "so I had to keep it a secret. And I'll admit I had ulterior motives when I made the deal with you. You see,Rebecca,I've lived in an expensive home within a mirror with no one to share it with or keep me company. But now,my dear,I have you,you are now trapped in the mirror too. With you at my side,I will never again be alone. You shall keep me company for eternity,why,you can even be my daughter. I shall be your mother and will shower you with love."

"I already have a mother and a father too! Please,can't you make an exception?! I need to get home!" Rebecca pleaded.

"And what? Go back to your parents who're too busy to even hug you?" Sophorina said bluntly. "Rebecca,my dear,your parents love you,but they neglect you with their work. I can give you love,attention,and respect,everything you've ever wanted. Think of the life you can now have with me in here. Think of how happy you'll be in a big,beautiful mansion that can give you everything you desire."

"Everything except freedom,I won't have freedom." Rebecca said,her face falling.

"True," Sophorina replied gently,cupping Rebecca's cheek. "but that's the price of beauty. The price of beauty is the loss of your freedom. You got what you wanted by becoming the beautiful person you are inside and giving those girls their comeuppance. But,you let your desire to be beautiful consume you and now,you've lost your freedom. I know this to be true because I received the same fate. I have everything I want in this mansion,except freedom. You might as well face it,there's nothing you can do about. However,you will now have a better mother who will love you forever,at least be glad for that."

Rebecca opened her mouth to protest,but then she accepted her fate. All she wanted was to be beautiful and for the whole world to see how ugly those selfish girls were. She finally got her wish,yet it cost Rebecca her freedom. She was now trapped in the mirror forever and though she wouldn't be alone,Rebecca would never be able to get out. Even though she would get a better mother and have her heart's desires,it would be a somewhat bittersweet existence.

"Very well,mother,I willingly pay the price of beauty." Rebecca said with a sigh. "You and I will be spending a lot of time together."

"Yes,we shall,daughter mine." Sophorina said,pulling her daughter in for a tender hug. "No one will be more dear to me than you,that's a promise. Now,how about you and I got have some hot coco?"

"Alright,mother,if that is what you wish." Rebecca replied with a bittersweet sigh.

With that,Rebecca went off with Sophorina,reluctantly accepting her new life now that she was trapped in the mirror. From that day forward,Rebecca lived in the mirror. Her life was somewhat better than it was; She wore lovely gowns,had all the tasty food she could eat,was waited on hand and foot by servants made from silver glass,had a doting adopted mother,slept on the most comfortable bed,and got all the respect she could ask for. However,Rebecca often yearned for freedom,sometimes stoking the mirror's entrance in grief. To this day,Rebecca remains in the mirror,reluctantly living with Sophorina forever. As for Francine and the selfish girls,they were never seen again. They disappeared into the woods and did not come out. It is said they are now monsters that haunt the woods,often attacking travelers,but such rumors have never been proven true. As for the Mirror of True Beauty,it still remains in the school's basement and any unfortunate souls who should fall victim to it's powers will become trapped inside. Remember this well,dear ones,beauty comes with a price. Beauty is not what's on the outside,but what is on the inside that counts. Not all people who appear lovely are beautiful,some of them can be ugly on the inside. If you let your desire for beauty consume will end up like Rebecca and pay the price,the price for beauty. Be satisfied with who you are,you are beautiful. Learn from this tale well,it may just save your life.
Here's my Halloween poem for October twentieth everyone! Enjoy! 


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  • mrcolinredwards

    Btw,I noticed some grammatical mistakes and fixed this piece up! Feel free to check out the recently edited version!

    12 months ago
  • mrcolinredwards

    Thank you guys so much for liking it! I've been waiting to hear what people had to say about this and I'm so glad you enjoy it!

    12 months ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    WHOA WHOA WHOA I just read this!!!! THIS IS AMAZING

    12 months ago
  • Cololo231

    Wow. This story has stunned me to death. And also very saddened by it, too because Rebecca had to be stuck in the mirror with Sophorina for the rest of her natural born life and she never got to see her family again. All she wanted to do is become beautiful as she is on the inside and now look what it cost her: her freedom. And now, she can't have her happy ending. I feel pretty bad for her. But at the very least those nasty girls had got what's coming to them at the end. I hated them so much. But still, this piece had shocked me to no end. Great job, Redwards.

    12 months ago
  • mrcolinredwards

    Enjoy,this story! Sorry,I made a typo! My bad!!!!!!!

    12 months ago