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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

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hey i finally got my creative juices flowing for the story journey home heck i think this is gonna turn out better than my other stories on here "on this story i am at the age i am currently at age 12 my real age so i am guessing how i would react if this happen to me and hey i know a lot of cuss words i just chose to not say them but in this story i might let it slide ...."

Journey Home chapter 1

January 17, 2016


i was walking home nothing to it followed the same path i went everyday from school then it happen i was walking across the park and trees grew out of nowhere and the sky turned a purpleish black i looked behind me did i step on something? is someone pulling a prank on me or is something doing a movie? i retraced my steps all was changed to a forest not longer just a open pile of dirt surrounded by fences i made to the sidewalk "or what was left of it anyway.." and i saw something broken on the ground that i didnt notice before... was that a watch? i mean i know i was reading a book at the time before i got inside the park but how did i not feel it or notice it? and even if i DID walked over it why would it act so strangely? there were so many questions in my head i heard a growl very slowly i turned around the creature had one eye that was bloodshot red and the other eye midnight black it had three tails one like a scourpion so fierce so deadly with posion another like a snakes a tail with very alarming colors and the last tail is a seahorses it may seem like a weak point but it is very protected by the amour that comes naturally from seahorses now the body of the creature is a tortoise with very large bat wings of a  Big eared townsend bat the front arms one is from a tiger the other is a crab arm the back legs one a eagles bird claw the other a posioness frog leg now the head is spidery with ram horns and a lions hair i ran i ran as fast as i could because if i ever did stop the creature will catch up to me and that would not be a good sight i was running up the newly found moutain "no longer the uphill streets that go to my school " i tripped on a rocked and fell back down the moutain looking face to face with the creature "i am dead i am going to be so dead this creature looks like it it will enjoyingly like a painful death for me i am so dead" i closed my eyes praying that it will happen quick.....nothing happen i opened my eyes and saw that the creature was fighting a angelic white and blue phoenix with sliver eyes after i saw the creature be defeated by the phoenix it stared me down i didnt know what to do then the phoenix got brighter and brighter until it exploded and a path made by wisps soon after that i followed it until i found myself in a village the journey took a toll on me i suddenly felt drowsy and i past out.....

"hello can you hear me? child please wake up from your slumber the villagefolk are worried about you ...." 
words echoed into my mind trying to tell me to wake up wake up i felt like i was chained unable to get out of this prison of dreams water was splashed on my face and i immediately woke up with a start "did you really have to do that" i looked down i was drenched in water "how many time did you this?" no one spoke "and where is my backpack!" there was a slince until someone brave enough came up to me and said "young one were sorry that we angered you but you must understand if you hadn't awaken from that sleep you wouldve died carrying the item of the spirit phoenix is very dangerous we atill wonder how you were strong enough to withstand it " "what do you mean? by almost dying and im not wearing the-" a sliver phoenix necklace appeared around my neck in a instance then disapeared again " i dont remember that being there?" "you mustve had a long journey to get to oakenspirit village " "last i check in belmont there have no villages just towns " "and what is this bellmount you ask of?" "its where i live and it is not bellmount its belmont its a town in a state of boston massachusetts " "ah and where is this belmont in the country of ursrulaniga because i have never heard of this state of massachusetts" "is this a joke because were are still in the united states of america i couldnt have suddenly be teleported without a explaination i mean how do you explain that you have newly up to date books and stuff" "we believe it was a gift from the gods" "ugghh this makes NO SENSE" "come down child have some tea everything will be alright" "NO I AM NOT GONNA FRICKIN COME DOWN TODAY WAS JUST GONNA BE A NORMAL DAY WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME WHY WHATS NEXT EVERY SINGLE STORY I WILL EVER WRITE COME TO LIFE I JUST WANT TO GO HOME" i curled in a ball and cryed hoping that thus was just a nightmare and it will be over soon.....


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  • FantasyWriter

    and no this is not in the same universe as the other 2 stories i am currently writng

    over 5 years ago
  • FantasyWriter

    ursrulaniga first it is pronounced UR-S-RULA-NIGIA
    second i am planning on drawing the creature soon "hopefully thinking of a good creative name for it too!"
    third the spirit phoenix will also be drawn plus i am thinking of a backstory for it
    fourth the preview was a small idea and some parts of it will be added to the story since you now know the villages name

    over 5 years ago