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False Connections

October 19, 2018


Enclosed in our own cages, 
Alone in flesh and blood, 
As endless fire rages, 
We're swept away in the flood. 

Always in sight of others, 
Yet no glimpse inside their prison, 
All smiles, though we're smothered 
By the waters that have risen. 

Vibrations through the air,
Placing thoughts inside our heads, 
As though ideas reach our hidden lair, 
We all make our own beds. 

What makes us survive gives us hope,
Hope grounded in nothing, 
We can't reach, though we grope, 
And we call these fake ties loving. 

Forever alone, deluding ourselves, 
That smeared shapes and air patterns are connections, 
Faring alone in our own private Hells, 
We'll never see others through our own reflections.
This is a very interpretive piece, I'd love to hear what it means to you! 

To me, this was kind of a vent of frustration on how we never really connect to others, not fully. Even the people who really know us don't see or know everything, they never will. And what we do see of others is the fake smiles, or when we do see something real, it's distorted by our own experiences or thoughts. We're always alone to some degree, never fully understanding or being understood... 


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  • ALangford

    this is so beautifully written!! well done x

    almost 2 years ago