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October 23, 2018


    There's an old myth that states that if you fold a thousand cranes, you will be granted one wish. 
    I tried it. 
    For hours on end, I folded. 1...145...467...694...921...1000. I waited for some kind of lightning from the sky. liver shiver, zap in the heart, a genie. Nothing happened and I started to get worried. What of it didn't work? What if I'd spent all that time for nothing? If this didn't work, my family would fall apart. Literally. 
    While I contemplated my predicament and stressed about what could happen, a sparkle floated past my eye. I flinched and drew back, looking around nervously. My eyes came to rest on a old, kindly looking woman sitting by my elbow in the tall grass. Her eyes were closed and her hands were folded in her lap. She sat crosslegged, like me. When I saw her, I did a double take and then jumped back, despite my awkward position.
    " Am I that repulsive? That's how the last one reacted too, and no one will lend me a mirror," her voice was soft and lilting, sending tingling sensations up and down my body. I crawled backwards, my eyes the size of my mothers china teacups. One thousand paper cranes were piled all over the green grass. I swallowed past the crane sized lump in my throat. 
    " Uh... I," it came out as more of a sqeak. I tried again. " Who are you?"
    She chuckled good-naturedly. " I am what you would call a fairy godmother."
    My eyes must have bulged out.
    " Stop staring," she said. "You look like a frog. A cute frog, but a frog nonetheless." 
    Despite the weird circumstances, I sort of liked this 'fairy godmother'. But, could she help me?
    " Do you grant wishes?" I asked. 
    " No. I'm here to give you a foot massage," she answered sarcastically. Her lavender eyes sparkled. I wasn't sure if fairy godmothers were supposed to be sarcastic, but it seemed to fit this one. 
    " Yes, I grant wishes. What's yours?" she asked. I bit my lip before replying. 
    " I wish family would be happy again."
    She looked at me with sympathy in her eyes.
    " I grant it, but,..." she paused, " isn't there something you want for yourself?" I shook my head. " Go on then. Be happy, and don't forget me," she said, waving me away. I got to my feet and backed away slowly. Down the little hill that sat behind my family's farm, past the little stream that ran beside the big barn. I paused and looked back. She still sat on the top of the hill, eyes closed, surrounded by my paper cranes. I smiled and went inside, my hopes soaring. When I looked again, she was gone. But the effects of my wish still linger, a reminder of my fairy godmother.


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  • Mary Wall

    Thanks so much!<3

    11 months ago
  • Victoria Penning

    Love this! And I like how the fairy godmother is different then what one would usually read about. You did and excellent job on this! :D

    11 months ago
  • AbigailSauble

    I love the imagination and originality in this. :) Great job!

    11 months ago
  • Catlover

    Wanted to let you know about my book club:

    11 months ago