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In every bit of truth, my writing is pretty terrible and by being here, I hope to improve it. Anyways, all you have to know about me is that I love coffee, my cat, and food, and of course, writing and reading. And I hate the way 'Lemon' is spelt.

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Say it, and risk the humiliation; scream it, or whisper, or write it - even paint it on your skin. Just say it . All you're afraid to speak, do it with a shaky voice, and small trembling hands - and say it. Say it with your last breath, be it faint, and whisper thin, or meet death quietly. Let it fall off your lips, and rid the air of its emptiness. Say it. I am a nerd.

Corner Writing Club Prompt: 10 favourite songs from a Band/Singer-Song-Writer

October 18, 2018


Artist: Bishop Briggs
2.Pray (Empty Gun)
5.Dead-Man’s Arms
6.Hallowed Ground
7.The Way I do
10.Be your love
Don't know if a lot of people like/know her or not, but she is my personal fave underground artist. Also, I'm super happy to be back on WtW, and posted a bunch of new pieces so go check them out if you want! Enjoy. 


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