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October 23, 2018

PROMPT: Why I Write

Like an empty ceramic pot placed on the edge of a window sill in the rain, life happens to drop experiences and thoughts into my mind -something that shouldn't be taken for granted but something I still do. It's true that I never really saw the importance of writing or how one's writing could have an effect on not only others but themselves. If you know me, you know I write when I have no time. It's a way of procrastinating especially when I know I may not even make it for the deadline for that assessment handed out at the beginning of the year. But is it time wasted when I enjoy that time (Something I ponder often due to my philosophical side)? 
However, why I choose to write is a completely different story altogether.
I choose to write to ease the burden that establishes itself on my chest during times when I just can't do it anymore.
I choose to write to calm myself down (most of the time at least) and keep me grounded, placing things back into perspective.
I choose to write to improve not only my technical skills but also myself.
Because after all, you reflect what you create, regardless of what the created is. At least that's just my view :)



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  • Ruthh

    I love this and completely agree!! I unfortunately agree with the procrastination bit too - instead of doing maths revision I was on here quite a lot whoops!!

    over 1 year ago